Relieving Your Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety in Orlando, FL : Dental Sedation

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? If you get nervous or even fearful when considering a trip to the dentist, we can help you. Our team offers dental sedation and a calm, soothing atmosphere to help you feel at ease while in our care. If you have any questions about relieving dental anxiety and how we can help you stay comfortable, please give us a call.

Avoiding Dental Care

Avoiding dental care due to dental anxiety is a sure way to put yourself at risk for major dental problems. By  relieving dental anxiety and getting the care you need regularly, we can treat any issues that crop up while they are small or even prevent problems altogether. Don’t let a lack of care ruin your oral health!

What Is Inhaled Sedation?

Inhaled sedation is a type of dental sedation recommended for patients with mild to moderate fear or anxiety. It is one of the safest sedation methods for both children and adults, and it is used routinely in dental clinics. Your Orlando, FL dentist can use it for virtually any procedure, from teeth cleaning to extraction.

Inhaled sedation, or laughing gas, is a colorless, odorless gas that calms the central nervous system. A small mask is placed over the patient’s nose, and the gas is pumped through the mask. The amount of gas inhaled can be adjusted depending on the level of anxiety.Inhaled sedation works quickly; almost immediately after inhalation, you will feel the sedative effects.

The effects of the gas vary from person to person. Initially, you may feel warmth and heaviness in your extremities, followed by tingling or numbness in the hands, feet, and mouth. Some people report a ringing sensation in the ears, and most patients experience a euphoric, no-care-in-the-world feeling (almost like you are happily drunk).

You are conscious throughout inhaled sedation, and you should not fall asleep or feel nauseated. After treatment is complete, your dentist will remove the mask to reverse the effects of sedation. Most patients feel normal right away, but some may take longer to recover. If you’ve had a particularly lengthy or complicated dental procedure, have someone drive you home.

Benefits of inhaled conscious sedation:

  • It relieves anxiety and tension while you sit in the dental chair.
  • It is one of the safest sedation options.
  • You are comfortable but fully conscious and awake throughout treatment.
  • It can replace local anesthetic in very young patients.

In addition to laughing gas, we can also offer oral conscious sedation depending on your specific situation. Please talk to our team if you think you would benefit from additional dental sedation options.

Compassionate, Caring Staff

Our top-notch staff cares about your dental experience! We will do whatever we can to help you feel at home. If there is anything you need, simply ask a member of our team … we will be happy to help you feel more comfortable while in our care.

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Are you ready to get the dental care you need despite your dental anxiety? We will be happy to help you stay comfortable throughout treatment. To schedule an appointment or inquiries about relieving dental anxiety in Orlando, FL , please contact our team directly. You can reach us by calling 407-603-3839. You can also send us a message using our online contact form. To use the form, simply fill it out, click submit, and a member of our team will get back with you as soon as possible. Regardless of which method of contact you choose, we will be happy to help you find a suitable date and time for your appointment. We look forward to working with you!

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