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Our Orlando Orthodontics Create Stunning, Even Smiles

It’s never too late to have your teeth alignment fixed. At Overmeyer Family Dental, we offer orthodontic care that will let you discreetly and comfortably get a straighter, more beautiful smile. Orlando orthodontics will also help you:

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  • Enjoy more confidence in romantic situations.
  • Gain an advantage when climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Maintain better oral health through evenly aligned teeth.
  • Look younger and more attractive.

Call us today to schedule your orthodontics consultation: (407) 871-3143. We’re located at 3221 S. Conway Road, Suite C – between Anderson Road and Lake Margaret Drive.

We Offer You Several Orthodontic Options

You can choose from several orthodontic options. All of them are effective and can produce great results in a short amount of time. We’ll discuss your situation and help you determine which teeth straightening choice is right for you.

Dr. Overmeyer offers the Six Month Smiles system to correct front teeth misalignment quickly and comfortably. Using tooth-colored wires and almost-invisible brackets, gentle and targeted force is applied only to the teeth that show when you smile. This method is great for busy professionals who have an image to maintain.

The short treatment time also means that you have to endure less discomfort, fewer adjustments, and fewer trips to the dentist. The brackets are almost invisible, so you can smile with confidence at work or in class.

Invisalign is another great option for fast and discreet orthodontic care. Invisalign aligners are like transparent mouthguards that fit over your upper and lower teeth, moving them gently into ideal position. You will wear a series of aligners until your teeth are straight. Total treatment time varies, but it usually takes nine to 15 months.

Keep the aligners in except when eating, cleaning your teeth, or when you have a special occasion. Each set of aligners will be worn for about two weeks, and you’ll visit Dr. Tom or Dr. Jessica about once a month to check on your progress.

Fastbraces offers our quickest orthodontic treatment. This system uses innovative triangular brackets and heat-activated wire to move your teeth crowns (white part above the gums) and roots (below the gum) at the same time. Unlike traditional metal braces that move the crowns and roots in separate phases, you could complete your orthodontic treatment in as few as 120 days!

Our patients love the comfort of their Fastbraces treatment, as it produces less sensitivity than regular braces. Plus, you’ll only need to wear a retainer for about 15 to 20 minutes a day after your treatment, not several hours or even all day.

To learn more about Orlando orthodontics, call us today to schedule an appointment: (407) 871-3143. You can also request an appointment online.

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