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Orlando Oral Surgery Can Keep Your Smile Healthy

Nobody wants to have surgery performed on their mouth, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you need Orlando oral surgery, the team at Overmeyer Family Dental will make sure your procedure is as comfortable as possible. You can expect:

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  • Accurate and expert care from Dr. Tom or Dr. Jessica.
  • Skilled treatment that will get your teeth and your mouth back into shape.
  • Use of advanced technology (like digital X-rays) for a precise procedure.

Call us today to schedule your consultation: (407) 871-3143. We’re ready to help you smile again!

Sedation Will Make Your Experience Relaxing & Pleasant

We want all of our patients to have the best dental visit possible. Dental sedation can provide a calm and smooth surgical procedure. You have your choice of two kinds of sedation to set your mind at ease:

  • Inhaled sedation using laughing gas. In a few short minutes, the sedative will take effect and make you feel warm, fuzzy, and slightly euphoric. It is mild and safe enough even for children.
  • Oral conscious sedation with a small pill that you’ll take before your appointment. By the time your surgery begins, you’ll feel very relaxed and maybe even groggy. You probably won’t remember much about your appointment afterward.

Trust Your Surgical Procedure to Our Dental Experts

If your smile requires an oral surgery procedure with a skilled touch, our team will deliver! Below are two types of oral surgery we routinely perform in our office:

  • Tooth Removal – Our dentists will always try to save a tooth if possible, but sometimes it’s necessary to remove it to protect your other teeth and gums from damage. Our team will use local anesthesia (and sedation if desired) to remove your tooth quickly and without pain.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Many times these third molars erupt with no problems. For some patients, however, they can crowd your other teeth or even try to come through under another tooth. We can remove your wisdom teeth comfortably to prevent additional dental problems and to stop any pain they are causing.

Orlando oral surgery at Overmeyer Family Dental will get your smile back into shape! Call us today (407) 871-3143 to set an appointment. You can also request an appointment time using our online form.

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