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Bite & Chew Whatever Foods You Want With Orlando Dental Restorations

Missing and decayed teeth don’t just make you feel painfully self-conscious about your smile — they also cause discomfort when eating. For some, chewing can be so difficult that they are forced to change their diet. Dental restorations in Orlando are the answer you’ve been waiting for! Overmeyer Family Dental can:

  • Give you a mouth full of healthy, functional teeth again.
  • Help you enjoy dining out and trying new restaurants.
  • Improve your digestion with more complete chewing.
  • Boost your self-esteem with a beautiful smile.

Call us today and begin enjoying your food again: (407) 871-3143.

Explore Your Restorative Dental Options

All of us at Overmeyer Family Dental want you to enjoy life again. Imagine eating your favorite foods with restored teeth. Dr. Overmeyer offers several dental repair solutions to restore your chewing ability.

Metal-free crowns can help repair severely damaged teeth. For example, a crown is used to cover and protect the remaining tooth after the tooth has been cleaned and rid of decay through a root canal procedure. Dental bridges can fill holes in your smile from missing teeth and restore a full smile. Bridges are a cemented series of crowns, or caps, that bridge a gap of missing teeth.

Dentures are used to replace lost teeth. Dentures may be classified as partial (if some natural teeth remain) or complete (if all teeth are missing). Standard dentures are removable for routine cleaning.

For maximum stability, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Jessica recommend dental implants. Implants are small screw-like posts that replace the tooth root. A crown is attached to the implant post to simulate a real tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth when used with an individual crown, or used in groups to stabilize a loose partial or complete denture. Overmeyer Family Dental offers standard dental implants and mini implants as long-term solutions that feel and function just like real teeth.

Don’t let a dysfunctional smile hold you back. Orlando dental restorations will help you enjoy your meals again! Call us at (407) 871-3143 today to schedule your visit. We look forward to working with you!

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