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Orlando Dental Cleanings & Exams Lay the Foundation For Healthy Smiles

Everybody likes the idea of a bright, happy smile! Regular dental cleanings and exams in Orlando are crucial to keeping your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful. Our dentists at Overmeyer Family Dental use these checkups to keep an eye on your dental health. Routine checkups will help:

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  • Enable us to spot and treat small dental problems early on.
  • Avoid the need for more costly and invasive dental treatment.
  • Keep your teeth clean and looking their best.
  • Improve your confidence to put forth a wide, genuine smile.

Call us today at (407) 871-3143 to schedule dental checkups and cleanings for your entire family!

We Do More Than Just Look at Your Teeth

Drs. Tom and Jessica love to help our patients maintain good oral health. Regular exams allow them to do that. That’s why, like many dentists, we recommend twice-a-year checkups. However, patients with gum disease, those with weak immune response to infection, diabetics, smokers, and those who have cavity or plaque buildup may need to schedule dental examinations more often. We can recommend a customized exam schedule after your first visit.

A checkup usually includes professional teeth cleaning, which removes tartar and plaque along the gumline, polishes your teeth, and removes stains. While your toothbrush and floss do a pretty good job of keeping your teeth clean, there may be areas of your mouth that only our specially trained hygienists can reach. A professional cleaning is the best way to make sure you don’t have dangerous amounts of tartar buildup in your mouth.

Aside from checking your teeth, your dentist will also examine your gums. Regular checkups help your dentist keep track of your gum condition over time, spot changes, and prepare the right treatment plan (such as LANAP gum disease therapy) if needed. Advanced gum disease causes tooth loss and has been linked to other health problems, so keeping your gums in great shape should be one of your priorities if you want to keep yourself in excellent overall health.

For a beautiful smile, maintain regular dental cleanings and exams in Orlando. Call Overmeyer Family Dental today at (407) 871-3143 to schedule your next checkup.

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