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Teeth Whitening in Orlando Makes Dull Smiles Bright

Anyone can benefit from a whiter, brighter smile. But with so many whitening products available in drugstores and supermarkets, it can be difficult to choose a whitening method that is safe and right for you. We can help you make a great decision for your smile. The best place to get teeth whitening in Orlando is at Overmeyer Family Dental. Our professional products:

  • Work faster and more efficiently than over-the-counter options.
  • Are safer than drugstore whitening products.
  • Offer time-tested, reliable results.

Our dentists combine the best of both worlds to give you the smile of your dreams – the convenience of at-home bleaching with the effectiveness of professional bleaching trays. You can see amazing and dramatic results right in the comfort of your own home. Get started on your new smile. Call us today at (407) 871-3143 to schedule an appointment.

Whitening Treatment Works Wonders

A bright, white smile can make a huge difference in your self-confidence. Whitening your teeth with over-the-counter gels, strips, and pastes can be tempting, but it leaves many people disappointed.

Because OTC whitening products contain relatively low concentrations of peroxide, you may not get the perfect shade of white that you want. It also takes much longer to see results, not to mention the risk of burning your gums if you use too much or leave the solution on for too long.

Professional teeth whitening at Overmeyer Family Dental, one of our outstanding cosmetic treatments, eliminates these problems and gives you a custom experience. Dr. Thomas Overmeyer or Dr. Jessica Overmeyer will check your teeth to see if whitening can be done safely and what type of treatment will work for you.

Custom Whitening Trays Give You a Bright Smile

They will then take impressions or molds of your teeth to create custom bleaching trays. These trays will be prefilled with professional-strength whitening gel for your convenience.

Our custom trays:

  • Are very comfortable and fit your mouth perfectly
  • Protect sensitive soft tissues from the peroxide
  • Let you whiten anytime and control the degree of whiteness

Don’t let a dull or dingy smile keep you from feeling great about the way you look! The team at Overmeyer Family Dental is here to help with teeth whitening in Orlando. Call us today at (407) 871-3143 to schedule your appointment and get started.

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