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Why Whitening Should Happen Under Our Supervision

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Just about every patient we see would love to have whiter teeth, but patients often wonder how to best go about getting those whiter teeth. Are over-the-counter products going to be effective? Is in-office whitening worth the money? Which is safer for my teeth? There are many questions, but one things is clear, dentist-guided whitening is safer for you than over-the-counter whitening.

Damage from Over-the-Counter Products
There are a few problems with over-the-counter products. The first is that they aren’t customized. If the tray is too big or too small for your teeth, you won’t see even whitening. If the solution is touching your gums, you could see damage from the strong chemicals. OTC whitening is also not as effective as in-office whitening, which means it will take longer to see results. Some are not patient enough to wait, and might whiten too much causing damage to their teeth.

The Power of In-Office Whitening
The power of in-office whitening comes in the safety and higher quality treatments. You’ll know it is safe because we are with you every step of the way. We will create custom trays for you, discuss your whitening goals with you, and prescribe the best solution for your smile. We will be there to guide you through the entire process so that you get the smile you want, and we keep your smile safe from harm.

The boxed whitening kits you find in the drugstore are attractive, and they seem easy to use, but the risk to your smile is great. Consider all of your options before purchasing anything. We would love to discuss it with you soon, so Contact us today for more information! We can’t wait to see you bright new smile!

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