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Improving the look of your smile often goes much deeper than vanity. Of course, we all want to look our best and feel attractive, but many patients come to us with a different story. They come to use with a lack of confidence.

Looking good is one thing, but confidence is something else entirely. We like to make our patients feel beautiful, but we LOVE to make our patients feel confident!

Often, there is a story behind cosmetic dentistry. We see patients all the time who have been teased about their smile, maybe for decades. Others just hate their smile so much that they can’t even smile anymore.

These are serious situations that need to be helped, and we are so glad that we have plenty of options to offer our patients! No matter what type of situation your teeth are in, we can help you have a beautiful smile that allows you to boost your confidence through the roof!

How Do You Know It’s Time?

Do any of those feelings resonate with you? Are you tired of feeling upset or let down by your smile, but you’re not sure it’s time to make a change? Let us share one question with you that will help you decide:

Are You Hiding Your Smile?
If you answer yes, it is absolutely time to contact us for cosmetic improvements! If you keep your lips closed during pictures, hide your smile behind your hand when you laugh, or become self-conscious when new people see your smile for the first time, you are in need of cosmetic dental work.

What is Bothering You?

So let’s get into more specifics about what is bothering you about your smile. You might not really know, but it will probably fall under at least one of the categories below. Some smiles fall under multiple categories.

Color: Having the best color to your smile is important. No one wants discolored, yellowing teeth. This is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry we do!

Shape: Teeth can be malformed, chipped, uneven, short, skinny, etc. Some of it is genetic, and some of it is not. Regardless, we can take care of the issue!

Alignment: Teeth that are crooked, gapped, overlapping, or crowded can suck the confidence out of anyone’s smile. You might think help only comes for kids, but we have great adult options!

Our Bag of Tricks

By now, you should have an idea if cosmetic dentistry is something you want to pursue! Let’s take a quick look at our bag of tricks so you have some idea of the type of work we are capable of! Some of these procedures are new here at Overmeyer Family Dental, but we are always looking for the next best thing to help our patients.

Professional Whitening
Let’s face it, boxed whitening kits are not helpful for serious whitening needs. In fact, those kits are a waste of time and money! You need professional strength whitening materials, and you need to complete this treatment under the supervision of a dentist.

We offer take-home whitening that is custom made to fit your needs. We’ll send you with everything you need to whiten safely and effectively so that you can have the smile of your dreams in no time!

Bonding and veneers are similar because they accomplish the same goals for your smile. These procedures take care of chips, cracks, small gaps, and the overall shape of your teeth. Bonding is a pliable material that we layer over your teeth to create the look you desire, while veneers are thin porcelain pieces that we bond to the fronts of your teeth.

Bonding is the cost-effective way to improve your look, but the results won’t last nearly as long as those of veneers, and it won’t look as natural as veneers. Even so, both are great options for reshaping your teeth to improve the look of your smile.

Short-Term Orthodontics
If your smile is misaligned, crooked, overlapping, crowded, or gapped, short-term orthodontics could be your solution. We offer both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles to our patients. After learning more about the two, you can make a decision about which would be best for your smile goals.

We also have an orthodontist who comes into the office a few days each month. For extensive orthodontic needs, we can refer you to this talented colleague for more traditional treatment.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to improve your smile today? We hope so! We are ready to help!

Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment where we can discuss your smile goals. We can take care of whatever cosmetic concerns you have, so let’s get started very soon!

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