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Almost everyone has had a headache every now and then. Whether from lack of sleep, lack of caffeine, stress, medication side effect, injury, or a host of other symptoms, it’s no fun to suffer from a headache. A smaller but still significant percentage of people also experience migraines. Lights and sounds and other things can make migraines even worse, to the point that they’re debilitating and can cause you to miss work or simply be miserable during the day.

Did you know that millions of people have undiagnosed headaches and migraines? This is partially because there are so many factors that can contribute to them. But if you’re experiencing chronic headaches and migraines, come see the TMJ dentists at Overmeyer Family Dental!

That’s right – your dentist may be able to help combat your headaches!

Migraine and Headache Symptoms

We’ve already pointed out that headaches have a number of causes. If yours have been undiagnosed, take a look at this list below and see if any of these additional symptoms apply to you.

  • persistent headaches and migraines, often in the morning
  • frequent jaw pain, especially upon waking up
  • unexplained facial and neck pain, aches, or discomfort
  • lockjaw
  • trouble or discomfort opening and closing your jaw
  • clicking or popping in jaw
  • unexplained tooth pain or sensitivity, especially in molars (back teeth), despite good oral hygiene
  • bruxism – grinding and clenching of teeth
  • swelling or tiredness in face
  • ringing in your ears
  • If any of these sound like you, then you may be suffering from TMJ dysfunction.

    Migraine and Headache Causes

    TMJ dysfunction, or TMD, is a disorder of your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, and the associated muscles. The TMJ is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull, so it makes sense that any problems with this could cause head and neck pain, too! There are a lot of reasons that can contribute to TMD, including:

  • malocclusion (bad bite – overbite, underbite, etc.)
  • genetics
  • injury to head and/or jaw
  • arthritis and other conditions
  • bruxism
  • stress, which can induce bruxism
  • Doctors aren’t always able to nail down the cause of TMJ dysfunction. Bruxism, however, is a main problem with this disorder – it can contribute to your jaw pain, and your jaw pain can contribute to bruxism. And all that teeth clenching and grinding, which happens mostly in your sleep, puts added pressure that can contribute to frequent headaches.

    Migraine and Headache Solutions

    Headaches shouldn’t be the norm for anyone. That’s why we want to help you get your headaches and other facial pain under control. We might recommend simple remedies – even changing the way you sleep or the foods you eat can help reduce TMD symptoms. We might also teach you relaxation techniques to eliminate jaw pain, or refer you to a trusted physical therapist who can do this more extensively. Pain relievers may help reduce your headaches, too.

    If we believe your TMD is contributed by a bad bite, we may even recommend orthodontic treatment to help correct the source of your pain, or fix old restorations that are making your bite worse.

    TMJ Nightguards
    One of the most effective remedies we offer right here in our Orlando dentist office is a mouthguard. Our TMJ nightguards are designed to stop your teeth from clenching while you sleep, which means all that stress on your teeth and jaw will be physically interrupted. In turn, this can reduce the pressure that causes your headaches.

    You can read a little more about our solutions here.

    TMJ Experts at Overmeyer Family Dental

    Don’t let another day go by suffering from unnecessary headaches and migraines. And don’t let another dentist tell you that you need surgery to correct your TMD pain. Let Dr. Overmeyer assess you for TMJ issues and take the most conservative, noninvasive, comfortable route to get rid of your headaches. We’ll do a thorough assessment, including digital dental X-rays, so that we can the diagnosis you need. We’ll also rule out other possible oral causes, like tooth decay, that may be causing your pain.

    For your headache consultation, Contact us now! You’ll be amazed at how our TMD solutions can easily get rid of your pain for good!

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