What Happens When You Lose A Tooth?

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Tooth loss is a serious issue and it affects almost 200 million American adults. A large number of patients who’ve lost one tooth will go on to lose more but there are things you can do to stop a domino effect of tooth loss before it starts! At Overmeyer Family Dental we have numerous ways to stop tooth loss and replace missing teeth but you have to act fast to avoid further damage!

Your mouth is a highly complicated system and each tooth relies on the ones next to it for stability and support. There are a lot of things that happen when you lose a tooth and all of them point in one direction: more tooth loss and more oral health problems! Don’t let tooth loss knock out your whole smile when our Orlando dentist office can help!

Tooth Loss: What Happens?

The most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease. When oral bacteria gets below the gumline and starts to attack your bone, teeth, and gums it can have incredibly destructive effects! Tooth loss occurs in gum disease patients when bone has been destroyed, gums recede, and teeth start to loosen. With nothing left to support them they’ll eventually fall out completely!

Once a tooth falls out for any reason your body starts to reabsorb the bone that held it in place. As it reabsorbs the bone the neighboring teeth will start to loosen as well. Your body wants to close the gap left by the missing tooth so that loosening will result in the neighboring teeth shifting toward the center of the gap.

As your teeth shift your bite will change as well! THe teeth on the opposite arch loosen and try to move to meet the shifting teeth opposite of them, leading to further potential for loss. It isn’t just those teeth that shift either – the other teeth in your mouth all try to move to support the ones that are closing the gap!

As teeth continue to move and shift they are all at a risk for falling out. The first ones that go are generally the teeth next to the one that was initially lost and before you know it you’re living life with no teeth at all!

While this process does take time it will feel fast – your teeth may loosen and fall out over the course of years but it won’t feel like that when you have difficulty eating and embarrassment smiling!

Stopping Tooth Loss With Reconstructive Dentistry

It’s important to replace missing teeth because of each tooth’s role in stabilizing your smile. Just a single tooth can kick off that domino effect! We offer dentures for patients missing some or all of their teeth but let’s discuss what we can do to prevent you from ever needing them in the first place

The number one way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant. These amazing titanium and porcelain restorations act, look, and feel just like a real tooth! Dental implants are titanium screws that are the same size as a natural tooth root. They are surgically placed in your jaw exactly where a missing tooth was. Over the course of a few months of healing your implant will integrate with your bone to form a bond so strong it feels completely natural!

Our dental implants are restored with metal-free crowns that look completely natural. Your crown will be custom designed for you and color matched to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth!

Dental implants don’t just hide a missing tooth like a bridge – they actually replace the missing tooth with a replica that actually performs the same role. Implants prevent bone loss, stop gum recession, and maintain the natural positions of your teeth, while a bridge simply closes the gap with a false tooth anchored to two crowns. Bone loss is still a concern and it can continue after the bridge is placed.

Act Fast To Protect Your Teeth!

Waiting to treat a missing tooth is a dangerous idea that can have long term consequences for your oral health. Don’t let dentures be a part of your future when a single dental implant can save your smile now!

To determine the best course of action for your missing tooth call Overmeyer Family Dental today! You can reach our Orlando office at (407) 871-3143 or you can request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to preserving your smile with you!

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