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What Are Fad Diets Doing to Your Teeth?

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Hello, Orlando! We’re back again with an informational blog from the office of Overmeyer Family Dental. Our focus is to keep the families of Orlando feeling well by helping you understand the importance of oral health and your teeth’s effect on the rest of your body. Since nearly everything that goes into your body passes through your mouth, your teeth bear the brunt of any food choices you make. This can be good when the choices are wise ones, but poor choices will have a negative effect on your teeth.

That is why your diet is so important. Even healthy food choices can damage your oral health if they are not consumed sensibly with some moderation. Your diet should consist of a wide variety of types of food. That way the ill effects of one type of food may be negated by the benefits of another. Unfortunately, many of today’s popular diets, often endorsed by celebrities, are based on eliminating large groups of food from your diet. Beware of any diet that does this. Even though they may yield quick results, your oral health could suffer as a result of the restrictive diet.

Considered the effects of these diets before adopting them as a weight loss plan.

The Juice Cleanse

It is easy to see how this diet produces such impressive weight loss results. If you only drink fruit juice and the occasional smoothie, you can expect to lose some weight fairly quickly. Keeping the weight off and staying healthy while doing so is an entirely different matter, though.

This diet is not intended to to be a permanent lifestyle change, but as quick way to shed a little weight. Essentially, it is supposed to be a way to kick start into a more sensible diet. But if that is the case, why not just start out with the sensible diet. It may take you longer to see results, but you won’t have to worry about the negative health effects.

The truth of the matter is you need to actually chew and eat food to stay healthy. The fruit juice may contain lots of essential vitamins, but it also contains lots of sugar and acid, two of the biggest contributors to tooth decay. And without the act of chewing to produce saliva, your teeth are left to the ravages of the sugar and acid.

The Raw Food Diet

Eating fruits and vegetables is definitely part of a healthy and balanced diet. But if that is all you are eating, then your diet isn’t balanced anymore. The Raw Food Diet tells you to only eat foods that can safely be eaten raw, which means you will only be eating fruits and vegetable, with the occasional nut or seed. While these foods are wonderfully healthy foods, they need some foods to go along with them, or else your teeth will suffer.

Again, it is an issue of sugar and acid, both of which are abundant in fruit and vegetables. Without other foods to balance the fruit and vegetables, this diet will send you quickly on your way to tooth decay.

Visit Overmeyer Family Dental Before You Diet

Stop by our Orlando office before you make any drastic changes to your diet. We will help you meet your weight loss goals without subjecting your teeth to too much stress and danger.

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