Water Is Better: What You’re Drinking May Be Killing Your Smile

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We all know that sugar is bad for our teeth. But are we truly paying attention to the kind of damage we’re doing to our oral health via the beverages we drink every day?

Coffee. Soft drinks. Tea. Juice. Sports drinks. All of these things are often filled with sugar and acid. When you’re not drinking water, you are washing your teeth in substances that will decay your smile—not mention cause what may become very serious staining. Acid in your food and drinks will slowly eat away at your enamel—exposing the soft dentin underneath.

This eroding of enamel can leave what some dentists call “pot holes.” These “pot holes” can grow into any number of larger issues, causing you more pain, money, and frustration than necessary. If you are already experiencing signs of damage and decay, please make an appointment today. The sooner we act and take care of the problem, the easier it will be to solve.

However, the key to a happy, healthy mouth is preventative care. Paying attention to what you are consuming (especially those sneaky sodas and sports drinks!) and taking extra special care to brush and floss properly are the number one ways to prevent dental decay. By drinking more water and less of everything else, you are helping not just your mouth but your entire body to be healthier and happier.

Getting in enough water for a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. Here are some tips on how to drink more water.

Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. There may be a water fountain at work, but if you have to leave your desk to get there, it’s likely you won’t go often enough. If you have a cool bottle of water with you, you can sip whenever you like—and it may even remind you to avoid coffee and soft drinks!
Are you simply hooked to the flavors of fruit juice, sodas, and sports drinks? Try adding slices of fruit and fresh herbs to your water. Orange slices and strawberries are great choices for a sweeter flavor. Cucumber and mint is a great combination for a refreshing sip.
Does your tap water taste funny? Try purchasing a filtering system. Increased filtering may improve the taste and overall quality of your water. If you still don’t like it—try buying bottled! Your health is worth the small investment.

Whatever route you choose, just be sure to drink water over the sugary, acidic drinks like coffee, soft drinks, tea, fruit juice, sports drinks, lemonade, etc. They aren’t good for your teeth. They aren’t good for the overall health of your body either.

In the dental field, we are constantly reminded of the connection between oral and overall health. If the overall health of your body isn’t good, your oral health can’t be good, either. We all should work towards living healthier, more active lives.

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