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We can make all the jokes in the world about toothaches – if you’ve had one yourself you know how bad they can be. Whether it’s short bursts of intense pain or a steady, constant ache it’s simply miserable to live with pain in your mouth. At Overmeyer Family Dental Care we treat all dental pain like it’s an emergency. No matter how bad you’re hurting our number one goal is getting you relief as soon as possible! Dental emergency patients are always seen same day if we can make it happen.

Part of making pain relief easier for you is knowing what could be causing your pain. Check out the list of types of toothaches below and see if something matches what you’re experiencing. That can help us make a more accurate diagnosis faster so that we can get you the relief you need ASAP.

Is Your Pain Brief?

Brief intense pain can sometimes be worse than the lingering kind. When it comes on out of nowhere you never know what it will strike – that kind of unpredictability is horrible to live with!

Brief Temperature Pain

Hot and cold food and drink can cause an aching pain that is gone in less than 30 seconds. If you’re experiencing this kind of pain you might be dealing with an aging filling, minor tooth decay, slight gum recession, or just sensitive teeth.

This kind of pain isn’t an urgent issue, so feel free to schedule an appointment whenever is convenient for you. In the mean time try switching to toothpaste made for sensitive teeth and avoiding the offending food or drink.

If your temperature sensitivity is happening after a dentist appointment you should give it a few weeks. This is a common side effect of dental treatments and the sensitivity should vanish soon.

Short, Sharp Pain When Biting Down

This is a whole other degree of serious. Short bursts of pain when you’re eating signal a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

If you have a tooth that bites you back when you’re eating it could be fractured, could have a cavity that has infected the root, or it could be coming loose. Don’t take chances with this kind of pain – ignoring it will just make matters worse!

Longer Duration Pain

Aches and pains that last longer can be sources of stress and frustration. We urge you to report these kinds of pain to us as soon as you can.

Temperature Sensitivity Lasting Longer Than 30 Seconds

Reactions to temperature that last more than 30 seconds are usually a sign that you have an infected root. When a cavity reaches the root of a tooth it becomes inflamed and irritated, causing it to react to things like temperatures and force much more strongly.

Longer temperature sensitivity could also indicate a deep fracture. In either case you need to contact us as soon as you can – the safety of your tooth may be at stake!

Sharp, Intense Pain With Swelling And Fever

If you have serious pain that’s accompanied by a fever, swelling, pressure, and sensitivity to touch you probably have a dental abscess. This is an infection that has spread from a tooth into the bone and soft tissue surrounding it, and it’s serious. We need to take care of your abscess right away!

A Dull Ache In Your Teeth

A simple aching in your teeth might not make you worry very much, but it should. That kind of pain is a sign you’re suffering from bruxism, or grinding, clenching, and gnashing your teeth. Without treatment you can see an increased risk of cavities, premature tooth wear, tooth loss, TMJ pain, and other symptoms that make matters much worse.

Treating You Fast: It’s Our Mission

When you’re in pain – especially in your mouth – it’s the only thing on your mind. Nothing makes you realize the importance of your oral health more than pain and discomfort! Living with dental pain doesn’t have to be something you put up with, however. Our Orlando dental team will see you the same day you call so that we can get you feeling better as fast as possible.

Whether you have questions about dental pain or need to be seen fast you can call Overmeyer Dental Care to get answers and treatment right away. Just call (407) 871-3143 to let us know you need emergency treatment! For non-emergency needs you can also schedule an appointment online. We look forward to helping you!

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