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Do you know the number one cause for lost adult teeth? We’ll give you a hint. Eighty percent of you will have this type of infection. Ready for the answer? Gum disease. Gum disease is rampant in our society. We see gum disease in huge numbers because most people aren’t giving their teeth the care necessary. Gum disease can strike anyone, so take a look below at the levels of gum disease and how we treat it at each level.

Clearing a Simple Infection – Gingivitis
We hear the word gingivitis all the time because it is the beginning stage of a gum disease infection. Most patients can’t detect gingivitis on their own, but we catch it during your routine cleanings. We can also treat a gingivitis infection by doing a thorough cleaning of your teeth. That’s right. By maintaining a routine appointment every 6 months, you give us the opportunity to identify and remove the beginning stages of gum disease without any additional trouble to you!

Advanced Procedures for Advanced Infections – Periodontitis
If gingivitis isn’t caught and removed, it progresses into periodontitis, which means the bacteria is actually working deep into the gums. This requires deep cleaning in the form of scaling and root planing. In other words, we use instruments to clean deep below the gum line and smooth your tooth root to prevent further infection. We also recommend special rinses. In some cases, this is not enough. We are then forced to used a surgical procedure. We use LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure), which allows us to get the work done with the help of a laser.

Prevention is Key to Avoiding Treatment
We realize that having your tooth roots cleaned and scaled doesn’t sound very fun. Neither does losing all of your teeth to a preventable infection. The best thing you can do is get gum disease under control before it begins. Floss thoroughly, brush effectively, and come see us every six months. If we notice that you are having consistent problems, we can recommend special rinses that will keep you from developing a deep infection.

The chances are great that gum disease will affect you at some point. Don’t allow it to be the reason you lose your adult teeth. Instead, work to prevent gum disease by Contact us today! We would love to see you, and your healthy smile will boost your confidence like never before!

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