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Top 5 Reasons For Tooth Removal In Orlando [BLOG]

Although it might seem counterintuitive, sometimes tooth removal is the one move you must make in order to preserve the overall health of a smile. Extractions are among the many dental solutions we can provide at Overmeyer Family Dental. Keep reading to hear the main big reasons why you might need to have a tooth removed, and then be sure to call us at (407) 871-3143 to arrange for your consultation in our Orlando area dentist’s office.

1. As Prep For Orthodontic Treatment

Many patients have teeth that are so far out of alignment that they can make it virtually impossible to straighten out the smile as a whole. In these cases, removing the most problematic teeth is often the first step before a patient get go on to get their braces or begin an alternative treatment like Invisalign clear aligners. This is something we can talk about during your initial visit.

2. When Wisdom Teeth Show Up

Wisdom teeth are trouble-makers. This is because the size of our modern jaws won’t allow wisdom teeth to come in properly. Accordingly, wisdom teeth often become impacted, which means they can’t erupt correctly. Impacted teeth will often start to push on neighboring teeth. This can lead to a deep kind of dental pain. It can also cause crowding in your smile, and it can push your other teeth out of alignment. Plus, when your wisdom teeth are impacted, you also have a higher risk of getting cavities. 

3. Advanced Cases Of Tooth Decay

Prevention is best, but early treatment is the next best thing you can do for a smile. A small cavity can be treated with a dental filling. A larger cavity can be addressed with a dental crown. Root canals are typically only needed when a tooth becomes infected. All of these increasingly invasive steps will ultimately still preserve the tooth in some fashion. That said, if the damage is too extensive for even a root canal procedure, your best course of action is to remove the tooth before the infection spreads to other parts of your mouth.

4. Widespread Gum Disease

It is crazy to consider that advanced gum diseaseis the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. When the disease is left undiagnosed or untreated, your gum tissue can separate from your teeth. This can expose your roots to plaque and tartar. It also may leave your teeth feeling loose and on the way to falling out. In this case, removing teeth that are too far gone already can actually hasten your recovery from your gum disease treatment.

 5. Injury Or Emergency

When the unexpected happens, we’ll be here to help. If your tooth can’t be saved, removing it may be necessary for your overall oral health. Don’t worry, we’ll provide replacement options if need be.

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