Think You Might Need A Root Canal? Don’t Panic—The Pain Is In The Past

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When you hear someone compare an experience to a root canal, you know it is bad. Really, really bad. Root canals are perceived to be one of the most—or maybe even THE most—painful dental procedures you can experience. However, that perception simply isn’t true.

How To Recognize When You Might Need A Root Canal

You may need a root canal if your dental pulp in a tooth is infected. Left untreated, the infection, like an infection in any part of your body, can spread and become dangerous to your health. If you notice any of the following signs, please get help right away:

Pain when you chew, or otherwise apply pressure to your tooth.
Lingering sensitivity to heat or cold.
Abnormally dark coloring.
Pimples on your gums.

We hope you aren’t experiencing any of these symptoms, but if you are, please make an appointment. Don’t panic, just give us a call and we will get you in for a diagnosis.

Modern Sedation Techniques Mean Minimal Pain

We here at Overmeyer Family Dental understand your fear when it comes to root canals, but we’re also here to tell you that we can help you be as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

If you do need a root canal and are very anxious or fearful of having dental work done, we recommend nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide is the “laughing gas” that is used in many dental offices to soothe anxious patients. Of course, we also use a local anesthetic to numb the area before beginning the procedure, so pain truly will be minimal.

Why Root Canals Are Actually No Big Deal — And Can Preserve Your Oral Health

Why are root canals no big deal? Because they are routine procedures that have been perfected over decades of practice! With modern sedation options, we can make root canals as simple as having a cavity filled.

However, a problem DOES arise when infections are ignored. If you’re in need of a root canal, you’re already in pain. An untreated infection can result in the spreading of the infection, loss of the tooth, deterioration of the jaw bone, possible decay of the surrounding teeth, and certainly increased pain and discomfort.

We don’t want you to experience any of that. While there are certainly options to replace lost teeth and halt bone deterioration (such as Implants), any good dentist will tell you that the best teeth are your natural teeth—and we agree. We don’t want you to experience any more pain than necessary, or go to any extra expense to save your oral health. By making sure to schedule regular dental appointments, we can help you catch a problem before it turns into a big deal.

Help us end the rumor that root canals are painful, unpleasant experiences. They aren’t. In fact, most of our patients experience so little pain that they actually fall asleep. Instead of panicking about getting dental work done, let us help you get comfortable so that you can catch a nap while we help make your mouth a happier, healthier place.

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