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The Top Five Problems With Dentures

Problems with Dentures | Overmeyer Family Dental | Orlando, FL

As anyone who wears dentures knows, they come with a whole bunch of problems. We’re sure we could list many more than five, but for the sake of not writing a whole book about dentures we’re going to limit ourselves.

We’ve crafted plenty of dentures at our Orlando office, and while we strive to make the best dentures that we can there are still imperfections in them. There’s only so much you can do with removable teeth that are suctioned onto your jaw and palate!

Problem #1: It’s Impossible To Bite

Dentures can only provide a fraction of the bite force that natural teeth do – give them more than they can handle and they simply fall right out! You have to start thinking about every little bit of your meals: how to chew them, how small to cut them up, and whether that delicious looking dish is even something you can consider.

For many denture wearers it gets to feeling like their dentures are wearing them – that’s not the relationship you want to have with your teeth!

Problem #2: You Can’t Taste Anything

In order for dentures to suction in place they have to cover your palate. We don’t have to tell you how much that affects your sense of taste! Your palate has a lot to do with your perception of flavor, and when it’s covered not a whole lot gets through.

A lot of denture patients suffer from malnutrition. The difficulty eating combined with the fact that nothing has much flavor makes it easy to see why that is. Poor nutrition in denture wearers has been linked to plenty of premature deaths – so how are dentures a solution?

Problem #3: The Irritate Your Gums

Not only do they ruin your eating experience, but they also cause pain when you’re trying to enjoy a meal. It’s common for denture wearers to experience sores, rawness, and even hives on account of their dentures.

Your gums aren’t meant to handle that kind of force. Your natural teeth are anchored to the bone for a reason: to distribute force and make eating a painless experience.

Problem #4: They Don’t Stay Put

Have you ever had your dentures fall out at the worst possible moment? It’s happened to many denture wearers, and the experience is humiliating. Whether it’s an accident when eating, speaking, or even sneezing, it can feel like everything you do is centered around keeping your teeth in place.

The basic design of dentures hasn’t changed in a long time because suction is the best possible way to keep them in place. That greatly limits the options that denture wearers have and indirectly admits what we all know: dentures just aren’t that great at replacing lost teeth!

Problem #5: They Don’t Stop Bone Loss

Have you noticed that your dentures don’t fit as well as they used to? That’s because you’re continuing to lose bone mass. Without any teeth to support your dental arches the bone continues to be absorbed by your body.

Over time this can lead to a sunken face and a set of dentures that don’t look natural. Hardly the outcome you had home dentures would have!

How You Can Fix Your Dentures

If you’re sick of living with the hassles of removable teeth then we’d like to offer a solution: dental implants to support your dentures.

Using a series of dental implants and one of two attachment methods we can give your dentures the stability and security that you always wished they had. We’ll modify your dentures to include either sockets or clasps that attach to balls or a bar fitted to your implants.

The benefits of implant-retained dentures are numerous. You’ll have a secure smile, but you’ll also benefit from:

  • No more covered palate! Since your dentures will be held in place with implants you can forget about the need for suction.
  • A cessation of bone loss. When there’s implants in your jaw the bone binds to them, keeping your jaw healthy for longer.
  • Better nutrition! Patients who wear dental implants are able to eat more foods and eat them more easily. Life will be a lot better with implant-supported dentures!

At the end of the day you can just pop your dentures off like you used to, but they’ll never let you down again. There’s no better way to evolve your dentures to the next level of comfort, security, and reliability!

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You can reach Overmeyer Family Dental by calling (407) 871-3143 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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