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Even though we normally associate braces with middle and high school students, there are many adults who can also consider and benefit from orthodontic treatment. In fact, we estimate that ¼ of all adults could gain improvements from braces.

The problem is that most adults think orthodontics aren’t made for them! They see their children or young family members wearing braces and think that orthodontic improvement is off the table for them!

However, that’s simply not the case! Adults have more orthodontic options than children! Before we dig into the options for adults, let’s discuss why an adult might need braces in the first place!

When Adults Need Braces

One of the reasons we associate braces with children is because we generally start treatment once all of the baby teeth have come out, which happens around middle school. However, not every child who needs treatment is able to get it. This leaves adults in need of orthodontic care.

Some adults need orthodontic care because of injury or failed orthodontics. If an adult has lost an adult tooth or allowed their previous orthodontic treatment to come undone, they will be in need of additional orthodontic treatment.

It’s Okay to Want to Avoid Traditional Metal Braces

We hear from nervous adults a lot. These adults want to have orthodontic work done, but they don’t want to deal with the look of traditional metal braces. We can’t say that we blame them! The point of orthodontic work is to make you feel better about your smile, but traditional metal braces can actually make you feel worse during the treatment procedure.

The good news is that there are other options! We are definitely able to recommend an orthodontist for patients who are in need of complete and complex orthodontic work from traditional metal braces or headgear, but most adults are not in that situation. For those patients, we recommend Invisalign or Six Month Smile treatment right here in our Orlando dental office!


The first option is Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners to adjust the alignment of your entire smile.

Who Can Benefit
Invisalign is great for patients who want to gain great orthodontic care without anyone around them knowing that it is happening! Adults who work around other people, are in the dating scene, or are just very concerned with their aesthetic look will benefit from Invisalign.

Invisalign is also great for patients who are concerned about the discomfort that comes with wearing brackets and wires. The smooth exterior edges of Invisalign make this orthodontic appliance completely comfortable to wear!

The Process
The Invisalign process is largely driven by digital images we collect at the beginning of your procedure. From those images, we plan your entire treatment. You will receive a series of custom made aligners that will progressively move your teeth. Every two weeks means an exchange of aligners until your treatment is complete. Treatment ordinarily lasts 12-18 months.

Six Month Smiles

A second option for adult orthodontics is Six Month Smiles, which is a bracket and wire method that moves only the front section of your smile to give you the appearance of perfectly straight teeth in a minimal amount of time.

Who Can Benefit
The Six Month Smiles solution is perfect for patients who are looking for primarily cosmetic improvement to the shape of their smiles. Six Month Smiles only focuses on the teeth that show in your smile zone, which makes it perfect for patients who have a few teeth that are out of order or crooked.

Six Month Smiles is also great for patients who want quick, simple orthodontic treatment that won’t draw attention to itself. The brackets and wires themselves will blend in with your smile. We use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires so that your teeth move efficiently without drawing notice.

The Process
Wearing Six Month Smiles is much like wearing traditional metal braces in that there are brackets and wires moving your teeth into position. However, we only place the appliances on the teeth in the front of your smile.

You will wear your braces for 4-9 months, with the average being a 6 month treatment time, thus the name. Even though the braces aren’t perfectly clear, like Invisalign, patients love that they can have their treatment completed very quickly!

Whichever orthodontic treatment stands out as the best option for you, we are here to help! We know smiles, and we can’t wait to get to know yours.

Contact us> today to set up a consultation or appointment where you can learn more about your options for adult braces. We can’t wait to see you very soon!

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