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The Root Canal Rumor Mill

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You’ve probably heard of root canals and what you heard probably hasn’t been good. Widely regarded as one of the most frightening dental procedures, root canals have really gotten a raw deal. Root canals are an important part of protecting and preserving teeth, and when they are needed are usually a great source of relief.

A root canal performed at our Orlando dentist office is performed by a skilled member of our team with extensive training and experience. You’ll be in good hands at Overmeyer Family Dental! That might not be enough to make you feel better about getting a root canal, which is why we’re writing this blog today. We want to get some of the most common root canal myths out in the open and tell you the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Root Canals Are Painful!

This is by far the most common myth about root canals and also one of the easiest to dismiss. It’s not uncommon to know someone who knows someone that said their root canal hurt but a lot of confusion arises between the pain you’re feeling from an infected root and the pain of the actual procedure.

Root canals are performed when tooth decay reaches the dental pulp at the center of your tooth. The pulp feeds nutrients to your teeth and also contains a lot of blood vessels and nerves. When it gets infected with the bacteria in a cavity it starts to hurt pretty bad!

The root canal procedure removes all the dental pulp from the infected tooth and replaces it with a rubber-like material that protects and preserves the remaining healthy portion of your tooth. You’ll be numbed up during your root canal and you won’t feel a thing! You may feel a bit sensitive after the anesthesia wears off but that’s about it! You’ll definitely feel a lot better without an infected tooth in your mouth!

Myth #2: Root Canals Can Cause Other Diseases

Despite the fact that this theory was disproven in the early 1950s the idea that root canals can cause diseases persists. It originated with a dentist named Dr. Price who put it forward in the early twentieth century. He believed that a root canaled tooth was never quite safe and that it always contained the focal point of potential infection.

By the time he died in the 1940s most people believed he was incorrect and by the 50s his theory was ignored by almost all respectable dentists and physicians. To this day there hasn’t been a peer reviewed study that proves root canals are dangerous. If you’re concerned that root canals can cause disease you should know they won’t. What can cause serious health conditions is leaving infected pulp in a damaged tooth! Infection can spread if it isn’t removed, which is exactly what a root canal does!

Myth #3: Root Canals Aren’t a Permanent Solution

A root canal involves two main treatments: removal of tooth decay and infected dental pulp and preservation of the remaining tooth by filling the root cavity and crowning the tooth. Root canals are a routine treatment that will permanently remove pain and preserve your natural tooth, which is always the goal of good dental treatment!

Many people lump restoration failure in with the failure of a root canal, but the two are hardly the same! Crowns can last for years but there are always rare cases in which they break, fall off, or just fail. In those cases we’ll simply repair the restoration and re-attach it to your tooth!

While it’s always possible for a medical or dental procedure to fail there is little to no risk of failure from root canals. THey are overwhelmingly successful and with modern tools and materials have become a procedure you don’t need to worry about!

Still Have Questions?

Hopefully we’ve been able to restore some of your faith in root canals but we understand what an intimidating procedure they can be! If you’re worried or have more questions about the root canal procedure call our Orlando dentist office today at (407) 871-3143!

If you think you might need a root canal then don’t live in pain any longer! You can make an appointment at Overmeyer Family Dental by phone or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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