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The Importance of Routine Appointments

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You’ve heard it for a long time: see your dentist every six months. Maybe you follow that advice, but research shows that a large percentage of us do not follow this advice. It’s a shame, really, because those routine appointments make a big difference in your overall oral health. Take a look at a few advantages of maintaining six month appointments and then think about how you might improve your oral health.

Saving Money
This is a big one. Patients often think they are saving money by not coming to the office. What they don’t realize is that eventually, it will all catch up. There will be a dental emergency (that could have been prevented), and it will come with a bill much larger than those routine maintenance costs.

Don’t Allow Small Problems to Become Big Problems
Along the same lines, routine care allows us to take care of problems while they are small. Take gum disease, for example. We can catch gum disease and get rid of it at a routine appointment through a simple cleaning. However, if it isn’t treated until you notice it, you will be looking at a surgical intervention.

Maintaining a Confident Smile
Nothing compares to the benefits of having a confident smile. Clean, fresh breath and a smile that you aren’t afraid to show off are a few of the benefits of coming in for routine cleanings and maintenance. Your smile is your greatest asset, and you should take good care of it!

There is much to be gained from routine dental appointments. We hope that you will take steps to schedule your next appointment very soon. Contact us today to get started towards your healthier, happier smile!

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