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The Importance Of Regular Dental Care

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Taking care of your teeth is simple, right? All you have to do is brush – that other stuff isn’t that important! If you’ve ever had that attitude about oral health we have some bad news for you: taking care of your teeth is actually pretty complicated!

At Overmeyer Family Dental we’re firm believers in proactive dental care to identify and treat oral health concerns before they become serious! You may not realize what just a bit of negligence can do to your oral health! One small cavity can quickly become a serious threat to your oral health and can have lasting effects for years to come!

How Your Teeth Become Damaged

The battle for your oral health is a daily one. Plaque in your teeth continually builds up throughout the day, and that plaque is full of bacteria that can harm your teeth! Plaque bacteria just LOVE sugar and will eat any of the sweet stuff you put into your mouth. When they do they produce acid that wears down your teeth really quickly!

Plaque acid eats through your enamel and causes damage that starts small but can quickly add up over time! As enamel destruction continues you end up with cavities that get into the dentin layer of your teeth that exists behind the enamel. Dentin is softer and cavity growth speeds up when it hits this layer of your teeth!

Past the dentin is the root of your tooth. The root is filled with soft dental pulp, which contains all the veins and nerves that go to your teeth. If a cavity reaches this far you’re looking at having to have a root canal to remove the infected tissue!

The same bacteria that causes tooth decay can also harm your gums if it gets below the gumline and is allowed to grow without your toothbrush being able to reach it! Gum disease is an unpleasant condition that causes gum recession, infection, inflammation, and potential tooth loss if not treated in time!

Preventing Harm To Your Teeth And Gums

Gum disease and tooth decay might sound like scary outcomes, and they are! The worst part about these diseases isn’t how common they are but is actually how easy they are to prevent! If you take good care of your teeth and gums you shouldn’t ever have to worry about serious damage!

While over 90 percent of American adults have had cavities at some point in their life they are simple to treat if addressed in time! At our Orlando dentist office we’re professionals when it comes to identifying and intervening early in oral health problems!

The best way to prevent damage to your teeth and gums isn’t the care you give them at home – it’s the professional exams and cleanings you get at Overmeyer Family Dental. Taking care of your teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing in the evening is essential but not as essential as letting us do a thorough inspection of your health!

We use a whole host of state-of-the-art technology and techniques to get the perfect understanding of your oral health. Our digital X-rays allow us to see a crisper, clearer picture of your teeth in less time than ever before! We’ll have a total understanding of your oral health both above and below the gumline!

By understanding each bit of your oral health we can make incredibly accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations that will address problems before they become severe. We also make sure you leave with an incredibly clean mouth! Professional dental cleanings get the areas that you have a hard time reaching with your brush and are just another part of great oral health!

Don’t Delay – Start Protecting Your Smile Now!

We don’t want to have to only see you for problems that could have been prevented. Take control of your oral health now and in the future by making an appointment at our Orlando dentist office today! You can reach Overmeyer Family Dental by calling us at (407) 871-3143 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We’ll see you soon!

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