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As you age your smile definitely loses its shine. Coffee, tea, smoking, and other foods and drinks can dull your teeth into a shade that may be really embarrassing! There’s also the possibility of some seriously deep stains that really make you self conscious!

If you’ve tried whitening your teeth with over-the-counter products you’ve probably had less than amazing results. Store bought whitening products can seem like a real shot in the dark – you might notice a change, but is it even really there? At Overmeyer Family Dental we’d love to show you what real teeth whitening is like. You can get real results with our products – you’ll love your new white smile!

How Teeth Whitening Works

Most teeth whitening systems have the same basic principle because the idea is totally sound! Hydrogen peroxide gel breaks down quickly into water and oxygen, creating a scrubbing-like effect on your teeth that breaks up stains and lifts them right out of your teeth!

The gel used for whitening contains varying amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Over-the-counter products contain far less than the professional system that we use at our Orlando dentist office!

Whitening gel is placed in a tray that holds the gel on your teeth for however long you’re supposed to wear it. Again, this varies based on the strength and formula.

How Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Work

The problems with most whitening systems is that they simply don’t have a high enough concentration of peroxide in their whitening gels! This leads to unpredictable results, splotchy whitening, and sometimes no noticeable results at all.

It isn’t just concentration that’s a problem. There’s also a major issue with most whitening trays in both professional and over-the-counter systems: they don’t lock out salvia! Hydrogen peroxide is incredibly unstable. That’s why when you buy a bottle at the drugstore it’s in a brown bottle – even light can cause the oxygen and water to split!

And your saliva is just as bad! It can destroy hydrogen peroxide whitening gels pretty quick – you don’t want to waste your money on whitening that’s just being ruined in the first few minutes!

How Our Teeth Whitening Gets The Job Done

At Overmeyer Family Dental we can get you around both the strength and saliva problems! Our take-home whitening solution involves the use of custom-made whitening trays that are designed to lock out saliva!

Our whitening trays are made from an impression of your teeth that we’ll take a prior appointment. After giving you a thorough teeth cleaning to be sure you’re ready to accept whitening gels we’ll give you your trays and professional strength whitening gel.

Your custom fit whitening trays ensure that you’re getting an even coating that will provide maximum whitening without the interference of saliva! You’ll also be able to control your whitening experience. We’ll give you full instructions on how to use your at-home professional whitening to get a touch up, bright white smile, or anything in between!

Our whitening gel is professional strength – it’s made to provide you with results that will really make you say “wow!” If you’re tired of teeth whitening products that promise great results but fail to deliver then we’re ready to show you what professional teeth whitening at our Orlando dentist office can do!

Start Your Whitening Journey Today!

The only thing delaying your whitening treatment is how quick you can call us! If you’re ready to start getting your smile back to its pearly white look call Overmeyer Family Dental today at (407) 871-3143! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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