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Surprising Facts About Sleep Apnea

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Are you or is someone you share a bed with a snorer? If so there’s a good possibility no one is getting the sleep they need. Whether they’re waking you up or you’re the one getting elbowed in the ribs snoring disturbs everyone.

It’s not always as simple as that, however: loud, constant snoring could indicate sleep apnea. This serious condition can have long term health effects that lead to life-threatening complications. It can be controlled, but understanding the severity and effects on your life is an important part of combatting it.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

When you’re asleep your whole body relaxes, including your throat tissues. As your neck and throat relax and your jaw falls open you can partially block your airway, causing snoring. In some cases breathing stops completely, which is called an apnea. Sleep apnea involves multiple breathing interruptions a night, and can be very harmful to your health over time.

Sleep Apnea Might Surprise You

Whether you know a lot about it or are new to the idea of sleep apnea these facts about it may be surprising!

It’s More Common Than You Think

When people think of sleep apnea the first thing that comes to mind is a particular type of person: usually someone who’s very out of shape and leads an unhealthy lifestyle. While weight, diet, and habits can definitely increase your risk of developing sleep apnea it isn’t just those kinds of people who end up with it!

Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic’s sleep center have determined that there are a lot of undiagnosed patients out there. As many as nine percent of women and 24 percent of men may be suffering from sleep apnea and not even knowing it. The disease can be hard to identify, especially if you sleep alone – it usually takes someone noticing the symptoms to get you to come in for treatment!

It’s Often Misdiagnosed

One of the big reasons sleep apnea goes unnoticed is because of how it manifests. You don’t have symptoms of sleep disturbance when you’re awake, but you may have problems with energy level, mood, and concentration. A lot of patients seek treatment for these symptoms and are diagnosed with depression or another disorder that’s completely unlike sleep apnea.

If wrongfully diagnosed patients can go years without resolution to their problems. With continued disturbance of sleep it’s nearly impossible to feel better. Some patients even find that their “unrelated conditions” get inexplicably worse over time!

A Lot Of Men Get It, But Women Do Too!

It’s often thought of as a men’s disease, and that is definitely the case for younger patients. What many people don’t realize is that age changes your sleep apnea risks in a lot of ways. Women who are post-menopausal actually develop the same chances of developing sleep apnea as men. Because many people don’t know that they go without treatment for years.

Treating Sleep Apnea

Because of the serious risks to your health it’s important to get treatment for sleep apnea, and to get it fast! If you’re suffering from undiagnosed mood problems, a dry or sore throat in the morning, seriously loud and constant snoring, or any other sleep disorders we can help!

We are able to treat sleep apnea using both oral appliances and CPAP treatment. Which you’ll benefit from is best determined after we arrange a sleep study, the results of which will help us determine if you have sleep apnea. Once we understand what you’re suffering from we can work together to fix it!

Sleep apnea is a problem that you’ll have for life, which is why it’s so important to treat it now. If you address the symptoms before they affect your health you’ll be able to more successfully manage it for the rest of your life.

Don’t Mess Around With Sleep Apnea

Time is of the essence when it comes to treating sleep apnea. Don’t go another night without restful, restoring sleep. We can help you wake up feeling better in the morning – all it takes is an appointment at our Orlando dentist office!

Call us today at (407) 871-3143 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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