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Summertime Means Wisdom Teeth Extraction Time! [BLOG]

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If you have kids in high school or college, summer probably means things like hanging out with friends, traveling, taking a summer job, going to the beach or pool, making graduation or college plans, and more. It also might mean an appointment for wisdom teeth extraction in Orlando. No, that’s not as exciting, but we know from experience that this procedure is much easier when students don’t have to work around classes since they’ll need some R & R afterward.

If your older child hasn’t had their wisdom teeth removed , give us a call at (407) 871-3143 today for an examination or to schedule their treatment if we’ve already recommended it. Then take a look below to see what you and your child can expect from this procedure.

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Needed

If we haven’t discussed it with you before, then you may not know why exactly wisdom teeth are the only teeth that aren’t needed and why we often recommend extracting them. First, a little background.

Wisdom teeth , or third molars, usually come in starting at about age 17 to the early 20s. Not everyone has wisdom teeth, but most people have four. There’s not always enough room for these teeth to grow in, so they can cause crowding by shifting other teeth to force themselves in. This can ruin orthodontic work or create a need for it.

Many times, the teeth can’t come in all the way because nearby teeth are in the way. These impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain or discomfort, especially if they grow in crooked. They can also create space for bacteria to get in the gums and tooth, leading to cavities and gum disease.

Decay and disease are also more likely because wisdom teeth are hard to clean. Even if your child sees us every six months for professional cleanings, that’s six months of not being able to reach every part of the tooth, which causes plaque and tartar buildup. These problems can cause more pain and unnecessary procedures and expenses in the long run.

Dr. Tom and Dr. Jessica know what to look for to decide whether your child’s wisdom teeth need to come out. Aside from their visual examination, they’ll use crisp digital X-ray images to determine how the teeth are growing and can plan for any potential complications.

Why Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Made Easy Here

There’s no reason anyone has to be in pain during a tooth extraction, wisdom teeth included. We’ll numb your child’s mouth, of course, but we’ll probably recommend sedation as well. This will put them in a completely relaxed state – they might even doze off – so that they don’t have to think about the procedure at all. They won’t notice discomfort or sounds or feel afraid of any tools.

We’re also a pretty friendly team. If your child already goes here, they’ll appreciate that they can get their surgery done from the dentists and staff they know. And our staff is good about remembering certain things that help make our patients comfortable, too. They’ll also already have access to your child’s records and images.

You’ll appreciate keeping all the financial aspects in an office you’re familiar with too. We’ll discuss all the finances beforehand so there are no surprises, of course. We’ll work with you to make the procedure affordable , whether that’s through handling insurance claims (we accept a LOT of plans!) or helping you with several third-party financing options.

When we’ve completed the wisdom teeth extraction, we’ll send your child on their way. They’ll need someone to drive them home if they received sedation.

How To Help Them Recover From Wisdom Tooth Extraction

We won’t leave you and your child in the dark after their wisdom tooth surgery is over. We’ll provide you with postop instructions to make sure the healing process goes smoothly. These may include:

  • Taking anti-inflammatories or other prescriptions as directed
  • Keeping gauze or teabags on the extraction sites
  • Avoiding touching the area or brushing and flossing there
  • Not spitting or using a straw
  • Eating soft foods like yogurt and soup and drinking plenty of liquids (make sure these foods are already at home)
  • Resting in a comfortable area with TV, movies, and streaming services prepared

If you have any questions that we didn’t answer at the consultation appointment or surgery appointment, call us right away. Following our aftercare instructions will help reduce any chance of complications and pain, but we can see your child the same day if anything problematic arises that requires our care. Our office philosophy is never to let a patient stay in pain, and that goes for wisdom teeth patients too.

Does your child need wisdom teeth extraction in Orlando? If so, or if you aren’t sure, call Overmeyer Family Dental today at (407) 871-3143, or request an appointment online. Do them a favor and get them here before their lives get hectic again!

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