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You might hear the phrase “root canal therapy” and be overcome with an uneasy feeling. That’s typical, but our Orlando FL dental office has been helping patients overcome their fear and anxiety of root canals for years.

You see, the technology has improved drastically and so has the technical procedure. Having root canal therapy has become a rather standard procedure for us, and Overmeyer Family Dental patients expect to have a simple, pain-free procedure. We actually complete all of our own root canal therapy treatments in our office. Most dental offices will send you to a specialist, but we have taken the additional training to complete more of these procedures under one roof.  

So today, we want to share a few things that will change your mind about root canal therapy. We believe root canal therapy anxiety should be a thing of the past. Seriously! Read on. We have some facts that just might put your mind at ease.

Root Canal Therapy Relieves The Pain, Saves The Tooth

You might need root canal therapy if you have an infected root, broken tooth, or an abscess is present at the root of the tooth. There are four layers of the tooth: the enamel, dentin, pulp, and root. The nerves are located in the pulp, and you can be in some serious pain if an infection reaches the dental pulp. Root canal therapy is simply the process of cleaning the infection from the the dental pulp. It saves the tooth and stops the infection from reaching your healthy teeth.  

Patients, especially those who have never had a root canal, assume the process is painful. It actually gets you out of pain  Plus, we’re using only the latest techniques to ensure the procedure is comfortable.

Why Our Root Canal Therapy Isn’t Invasive

When you come to our office for your root canal therapy, we’ll numb the away just like we would whenever you need a filling. After that, we’ll clean out the roots with special, malleable tools that minimize discomfort. We’ve completed countless root canals in our office, and honestly, patients find the procedure a little boring. In fact, we can’t count the number of times people actually doze off during the treatment. If you’re nervous about your treatment, we are happy to offer inhalation sedation to help you relax in the dental chair.    

Root Canal Therapy is Successful

There is a common misconception out there that root canals are risky or often unsuccessful. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Root canals are one of the most successful treatments in dentistry. Because of the advancements we’ve made in dentistry, it’s possible to completed your root canal treatments with a 98 percent success rate. After the root canal therapy, it’s possible for your tooth to remain strong and functional for the rest of your time. We’ll restore the tooth with a great crown that will make your smile look and feel great.

The Filling Material Isn’t Dangerous

There is an old myth that that the filling material used for root canal therapy can cause serious illnesses, but that myth was debunked long ago. This theory began almost more than 100 years ago, and some people still believe it today. Many people believe that root canal therapy increases the risk of heart issues or even cancer, but there are no credible studies that validate these claims. The truth is that root canal therapy clears your mouth of a harmful infection and restores the tooth.

Visit Our Orlando Office to Relieve Your Dental Pain

If you have dental pain, you need to come visit our office ASAP.  We have the tools and technology to relieve your pain and keep you out of pain. If you end up needing root canal, don’t go running for the hills. Just remember that we can relieve your pain in a comfortable setting and restore your mouth back to its original. If you have questions about our treatments or need a great Orlando family dentist, give us a call today at 407-705-3965.

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