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Signs That You’ve Found the Right Dental Office

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Finding a great dental office here in sunny Orlando, FL can seem like a chore. There are so many different offices to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? After all, what makes a dental office great?

We understand that search. It’s an incredibly important decision, and we are glad that you are taking it seriously for yourself and your children. We know what it takes to create a great dental office, and we want to share some of those things with you.

After all, we’ve been around dental offices for quite a while! Our patients come to us with stories of their past experiences in offices, and we realize just how important the simple things, like keeping a clean office, really are!

Today, we want to give you a few signs that will let you know a dental office is one you can trust. We strive to achieve these things every single day at Overmeyer Family Dental. Let’s take a closer look.


When something is clean, you feel better. It’s a feeling we take for granted. We don’t even realize we are do it until we are forced to go somewhere that doesn’t feel clean. When a dental office feels dirty, it makes you question the cleanliness of every aspect of the office. If there’s one place that you don’t want to feel dirty, it’s the dental office!

Waiting Area: When you walk into a waiting room, you should feel comfortable putting your jacket or purse on the floor or in the chair next to you. You want to see clean magazines out for reading. All of these things allow you to relax before your appointment, and that’s very important!

Patient Rooms: A patient room in a dental office should be the picture of clean. If it feels old and dirty, there’s no way you’ll be able to relax, and you shouldn’t! We’ve recently renovated our office to give everything a fresh, clean feel that our patients love!

Advanced Technology

A great dental office is one that is constantly updating and making changes to stay current on dental news and new procedures. A dentist doesn’t have to jump at every new toy on the market, but by investing in a few great tools, you can tell that this dentist is paying attention and willing to invest in the best care for YOU, the patient.

Quality Tools for Staff: For example, if a dentist is still running a paper-only practice, that should send a red flag. If the staff has to work off from ancient computers, it simply shows that the dentist isn’t interested in keeping up with the times. Chances are pretty great that the staff isn’t very happy with those decisions, either!

Comfortable Tools for You: There are so many options for dentists to invest in new products and tools that make dental care more comfortable for you. You should see those things in the office! For example, we have invested in digital X-rays, which cut your exposure to radiation by 90%! We have also started using dental lasers, like the LANAP that makes gum disease treatment much more effective and comfortable!

Patient-Friendly Staff

Customer service goes a LONG way. If you call a dental office and talk with a rude or impatient receptionist, you probably won’t want to come in. The staff has an important job to do, and the top priority is to make sure that you have a comfortable and successful experience!

No Judgment: A great dental staff will not judge your past dental decisions or your smile. You won’t receive a lecture from your hygienist, and you can express your concerns or embarrassments without feeling criticized!

Patient and Friendly: A great staff knows that you’ll have questions and concerns. Our staff, for example, makes every patient feel like a friend in our office! They are here to help you, and they make our office run smoothly!

How You Feel

There is no better sign of a great dentist than the way the dentist makes you feel. A good dentist can take care of your teeth and send you on your way, but a great dentist will help you know that you are a part of the process.

Heard and Trusted: When you are in the office, you should feel like you’ve been heard, and that the dentist trusts you and your judgment. A dentist who dismisses your concerns or gives you lectures is not the dentist you want to see ever again!

Confident: When you step out of the office, you should feel confident. Even if you got some bad news during your appointment, you should know that there is a good plan in place, and your teeth are in good hands.

Experience It Right Here!

Here at Overmeyer Family Dental, we are working each and every day to create the greatest dental office Orlando has ever seen. Our staff works tirelessly for you, and you’ll feel the difference when you walk in our doors.

Ready to experience it for yourself? Contact us today to set up an appointment! We can’t wait to meet with you soon to discuss how we can help you have a happier, healthier smile!

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