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Prepare For Success With A Dental Emergency Tool Kit

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Being prepared for emergencies can be the difference between easy recovery and serious harm, and that doesn’t just apply to regular injuries! Dental emergencies can and do happen, especially if you lead an active lifestyle, so you need to be prepared for those as well!

We treat all sorts of dental emergencies at our Orlando dentist office, and we make every effort to see you the same day you call. You can make treatment easier and more successful by taking the appropriate first aid steps, which is what we want to discuss today. Here’s a list of items that should be in every home so that your dental emergencies go more smoothly.

Cleaning The Wound

  • Cotton swabs are an essential tool for cleaning out a wound when a tooth is damaged or gum tissue is torn. Make sure they’re kept in a clean container, like a bag or plastic tube. Cotton swabs can also be used to apply gels, pastes, and adhesives for reattaching dental restorations and topical gels.
  • Salt should be handy, and it’s a good idea to keep some in your kit – it might be difficult to find it during an emergency! Salt is great for rinsing out the mouth. It helps clean a wounded area (there’s a reason it burns so badly) and rinse away dirt and damaged tissue. If a tooth has been knocked out it can also be used to make a water solution for transporting a tooth when milk isn’t available.
  • Alcohol wipescan be used to clean wounds, especially if they’re on your lips or cheeks. Alcohol is great at disinfecting and cleaning wounds so be sure you keep some in your kit!

Treating Injuries And Damage

  • Cotton balls are a great way to control bleeding, protect open sockets, and even cover fractured teeth. Make sure you keep plenty of these handy because of how much the mouth bleeds when damaged.
  • Dental wax is soft and pliable – if you or someone you know has worn braces you’ve probably seen it before. This wax is great for protecting you from harm due to damaged braces, sharp points on fractured teeth, and anything else that might poke or scrape your cheek or gums. Make sure the wax in your kit is actually dental wax – other products may not be safe or appropriate for use.
  • Temporary filling material can be purchased at most drugstores. It’s used to reattach crowns, create short-lasting fillings, and reattach other damaged restorations. A tube of this stuff will go a long way toward relieving pain and easing fears over damaged teeth.
  • Orajel or another topical anesthetic is ideal for relieving pain of toothaches or other conditions. It’s generally available in most stores with a pharmacy section.
  • Vaseline is great at holding crowns in place. It might not be adhesive but it can create a good deal of suction to secure a crown or bridge in place between injury and your visit to Overmeyer Family Dental!
  • Cold compresses are a great way to reduce the swelling and pain that can accompany a dental injury. There are plenty of cold compress options, but we recommend the instant ones that can be stored with your kit and not in the freezer.

General Use Tools

  • Latex or vinyl gloves are an important tool to have if you need to help someone else. You might know that they’re healthy but it never hurts to have a protective layer between you and someone else’s blood.
  • Dental mirrors will allow you to see an injury more clearly so that you can provide first aid more effectively. There are even some kinds that feature an attached light so you can get a good and clear look at the problem!
  • A card containing our phone number: 814-619-0690! We’re here for you when you have an emergency. Don’t panic when help is just a phone call away!

We’ll See You Now!

Hopefully the items in a dental emergency kit will help you avoid complications due to an emergency. We want to help you get the help you need right away, so never hesitate to call us as soon as something happens!

You can reach our Orlando office at (407) 871-3143, and for non-emergency needs you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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