Orthodontics Without the Discomfort of Wire and Brackets

There may come a time when we let you know that orthodontics might not be a bad idea for you. Generally, patients request orthodontics to correct cosmetic flaws, but that’s not the only job of orthodontic treatment. In many cases, orthodontics can end jaw discomfort by aligning your teeth into a more comfortable position. However, we sometimes get a look of disgust from patients when we start ...

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Three Ways to Boost Your Smile This Holiday Season

The next few months are a season of change. New family members will join the tables for the first time, and old friends will find a way to move forward. People are thinking about their resolutions for 2015, and you can, too. You can begin by thinking about how you would love to see your smile improve! Below are a few ways that you can change the look of your smile completely, so that you can ...

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A Screening That Could Save Your Life

You don’t often step into our office thinking that we have the power to save your life, but we do. At least, we have the power to detect oral cancer so that you can get the treatment before it is too late. Statistics show time and again that the only way to really defeat cancer is to find catch it early and treat it quickly. At each of our six month cleanings and exams, we will be looking for ...

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Replacing a Missing Tooth

Losing an adult tooth is a lot less exciting than losing a baby tooth. When you lost your baby teeth, you probably had some fun with the tooth fairy, or your parents made you special food, or maybe you just enjoyed having a place to put your straw. Whatever the case, when you lose an adult tooth you discover that things aren’t quite so fun any longer! You’ll need to find a solution fairly ...

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Ending the Cycle of Fear

Having a fear of the dentist is very common. In fact, if you were to poll people walking up and down the sidewalk, the vast majority of them would tell you that they don’t care for the dental office. There are many reasons for these fears, some of which are warranted and some are not. So how can some patients go to the dentist even though they are afraid while others can’t? The key is in the ...

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