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Life-Changing Results With Dental Implants

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Aging doesn’t always have to mean lost teeth but when it does you know how greatly your life can change. It starts with the gnawing feeling of a loss of self-worth that causes you to question your happiness and desire to want to socialize with friends and family. If one lost tooth leads to more it can also lead to serious depression and worsening health.

Study after study reports that lost teeth can have a huge effect on your overall health due to how hard it is to eat. Dentures don’t make it a whole lot better and can’t always bring back the confidence you’ve lost. The whole team at Overmeyer Family Dental is confident that we can make you feel great about your care by restoring your smile and changing your life with dental implants

How Can Dental Implants Change Your Life?

There are a lot of ways that dental implants can transform your day to day life – it all depends on what kind of implant solution you need. From a single tooth to a whole mouth fixed bridge we have solutions that will make you feel young again.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

When is the last time you’ve been able to eat your favorite foods? If you’re like a lot of the patients we see at our Orlando dentist office the answer is “far too long!” Even with well-fitting full dentures you may still have difficulty eating hard or crunchy foods, but dental implants can solve that problem with ease.

Implants are placed in your jaw just like the root of your missing natural tooth. Once healed they integrate with your bone to form a bond so sturdy that it feels just like the real thing. You’ll be amazed that your dental implant is so reliable – all while eating your favorite snacks and meals.

End Gum Irritation For Good

Whether your gums are irritated by missing teeth or dentures that put far too much pressure on them there’s one thing for sure: missing teeth results in hurt gums! Just one missing tooth can make eating far more difficult that it was before because of foods that rub up against your gums – and it doesn’t get any easier when you’re wearing dentures!

Dental implants take the weight of eating off of your gums and place it where it’s supposed to go: into your bone. Your teeth are designed to disburse the force of eating into your jaw, which is why your gums don’t handle it very well. One or more dental implants will get you right back to where you need to be!

Rediscover The Beauty Of Natural-Looking Teeth

There’s only a certain level of realism that you can get with dentures.  There’s just something about them that looks fake – you’ve probably noticed it before! Whether partial or full your dentures just don’t quite look as natural as you’d like, right?

The dental crowns and bridges we use to restore your teeth look amazing. Most patients tell us that friends and family didn’t even realize they weren’t natural! Because they’re fixed in place they’ll look real when you smile and give your face the proper profile when your mouth is closed. There’s really no way for people to tell that they aren’t your natural teeth.

Save Yourself Time: Care Is Easy!

How often do you spend time cleaning your dentures? How often do you need to buy special soaks, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to care for them? No matter how much you probably wish it could be less! Denture care is a real pain – dental implant care isn’t.

Implants are cared for just like your natural teeth. You just brush them in the morning and evening and floss nightly – that’s it. It’s just one more way that the dental implant experience feels just like having natural teeth!

Live Better With Dental Implants

These aren’t the only reasons why dental implants are great – just a few choice ones. You may have completely different reasons for wanting implants and none of those reasons is wrong! Dental implants are truly life changing. We’re confident that our Orlando dentist office can completely transform you life with dental implants and we look forward to trying!

To schedule your initial dental implant consultation call Overmeyer Family Dental today at (407) 871-3143 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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