How Harry Regained His Smile

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Welcome back to the ongoing blog of Overmeyer Family Dental. Today, we would like to tell you a story about one of our patients. This patient’s story is a happy one. Our Orlando, FL dental team was able to help him get the care he needed to achieve the healthy, beautiful, functional, and happy smile he deserved. Let’s talk about Harry:

Meet Harry

Harry visited our office for the first time about a year ago now. Until then, he had be avoiding dental care due to financial strain. Harry was a hardworking man, but felt as though he could not afford the dental care he needed. So, when he retired, he decided it was time to finally take care of his smile. He had not seen a dentist in nearly 20 years!

Why Harry Needed Help

Harry needed dental help because he had avoided care for so long. In that time, his oral health had degraded quite a lot. He had widespread decay and even had a few teeth that were loose in their sockets. Harry did not like the way his smile looked, nor how he had to avoid certain parts of his mouth when he chewed.

Harry was looking forward to getting some help. But he didn’t know what kind of help. Could the dentist repair his smile with some simple restorative work? Would he need to undergo some other extensive treatment? He wasn’t sure, but he knew who to call. His daughter is a patient of ours and recommend Harry to Overmeyer Family Dental. He gave us a call and we were able to set up an examination appointment for him.

Considering Removable Dentures

At his appointment, we were able to take a good look and Harry’s smile and diagnose a variety of problems for him. Then, we sat down and talked about solutions. We recommended a full smile tooth replacement option. While Harry was nervous about the need to replace all of his teeth, he was excited about the idea of having a brand-new, beautiful smile.

Because Harry is a very cost-conscious man, he decided to go with the most affordable option that would help him get the beautiful, functional smile he wanted. Removable dentures would replace all of Harry’s natural teeth and help give him a beautiful but realistic new smile.

The Extraction Procedure

The first step was to extract the damaged teeth. This procedure took a while, but we were able to extract all of his teeth safely and without stress or discomfort. Once the extraction procedure was complete, we placed his temporary dentures. Harry was sent home to heal and to get used to his new teeth.

An Unexpected Obstacle

Harry immediately loved the way his smile looked! He was even able to eat better than before. However, using his new teeth took some getting used to. He worked hard to adjust to maintaining removable dentures, but they just were not very comfortable. He had trouble with them slipping around in his mouth … they even popped out one time when he laughed! He knew there had to be a solution. So he called up Overmeyer Family Dental for help once again.

Stay Tuned For Part Two

Want to know what happened to Harry? Did he get the secure, functional smile he truly wanted, or did he settle with trying to live with his removable dentures? Find out in our next blog! Stay tuned for How Harry Regained His Smile – Part Two!

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