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How Dental Sedation Saves Your Schedule

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It’s only January, yet it feels like the calendar is already filling up with activities! This cycle never ends, no matter what type of life you lead. Working parents are especially slammed when it comes to making and keeping appointments for the various members of their family! There is one way that we can help you ease the calendar just a bit: sedation dentistry. It might not seem like it, but sedation can really improve your schedule!

How Past Patients Lost Time

Before sedation was a part of the modern dental office, patients who needed extensive work were forced to split that procedure into small sections because there are very few people who can sit for hours at a time with their mouth hanging open while someone knocks around on the inside. Dentists would split those appointments and patients would be required to make time for the dentist to complete the work. If you think fitting one procedure into your schedule is difficult, think about fitting 4 or 5 procedures in!

Nitrous Oxide Makes Work More Efficient
All it takes to improve the situation is a touch of sedation. Sedation allows your body to relax while we work so those hours fly by. You will be numb and so relaxed that you won’t mind your procedure at all. We can accomplish all of our work in one appointment, and you will be able to walk out the door and return to your regularly scheduled life!

Sedation makes the difference for many patients, but it is especially helpful for busy patients who are trying to fit everything into their calendars.Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us show you how sedation can change your dental experiences. We would love to hear from you soon.

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