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Help Your Child Avoid Orthodontics

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We all want what’s best for our children! We want to see them grow into respectable, helpful members of society. We want to see them healthy, good-looking, and well-liked by those around them. Most of all, we want to keep them from as much of the pain and discomfort of life as we can!

Now, we are not suggesting that you would try to keep your child from any and all discomfort. After all, your child needs the chance to learn and explore, but take something like orthodontics. It can be a long, tough road for kids, and many time (not always), it could be prevented or lessened.

Orthodontics are a great tool for us to get the smiles we want and to have aligned teeth that are comfortable in our mouths, but if they can be avoided, who wouldn’t want to avoid this treatment?

Today, we want to take a look at things that could be happening right now with your child that will lead to a higher risk for orthodontic treatment later in life. Some of these things can be stopped now, which will help your child have a better smile in the future, and some of them are just warning signs to let you know that you will want to stay on top of your child’s smile as he grows. Let’s take a closer look.

Your Child’s Future Dental Health Problems are Beginning Now

It’s very likely that whatever dental health problems your child is going to experience are already taking root right now. Whether it’s simply bad habits or if it is a genetic problem, we often trace the problems back to childhood.

Baby teeth play a much larger role than most parents realize. We think of those teeth as disposable, like they don’t really matter, but they matter quite a bit! In fact, you should be thinking of baby teeth as the guides for adult teeth. If the baby teeth aren’t healthy and in place, the adult teeth won’t know where to go, and that’s when problems occur!

Save Yourself (and Your Child) Time, Money, and Discomfort

If you recognize bad habits (we will discuss some specifics in just a moment), it’s best to nip them in the bud right now! The sooner the better. We realize that it’s not easy to break the habits of toddlers and young children, but it will save you both a lot of trouble in the future.

Just think, if you can break a bad habit now that will save your child from needing orthodontic care in the future, isn’t it worth a few tantrums? We think so!

Causes for Orthodontics

Let’s take a look at a FEW of the common causes for orthodontic treatment. These are the types of things that are already taking shape in your child’s mouth, but you might not be aware that they are problems or how they might affect your child’s future smile.

Thumb/Pacifier Habit
Most parents know this one, but an alarming number of parents never thought it would be a problem! Sucking on a thumb, finger, or pacifier at a young age is very soothing for a child. It helps them sleep, it helps them calm down, and what parent doesn’t love that? Let it go on too long, however, and it can alter the shape of your child’s mouth. Not just their teeth, but their entire mouth!

Early Loss of Teeth
Sometimes this one is within your control, and sometimes it is not. Losing a baby tooth before the adult tooth is ready to come in will cause the other baby teeth to shift out of alignment. When the adult tooth IS ready to erupt, the pathway into the mouth isn’t clear, and the tooth ends up coming in crooked. Early loss of teeth is generally caused by poor oral hygiene, but it can also occur due to injury.

Genetic Misalignment of Jaw
Orthodontics aren’t always just there to alter the placement of teeth. Orthodontists will also change the shape of the entire jaw when necessary. These problems can be caused by bad habits, but they are more often due to the natural shape of your child’s mouth. There are no bad habits to break for this one, but we can help you identify the problem early.

We Can Help

We do not offer childhood orthodontics here at Overmeyer Family Dental, but we do see kids, which makes us the first line of defense. We can help you identify potential problems EARLY so that you can begin making changes to your child’s routine.

Whether it’s improving the oral hygiene routine in your home, finding ways to break bad habits, or simply knowing that your child’s jaw will need some future work, we can help you with all of those decisions!

Contact us today to set up an appointment for your child, and let’s get started! We can help you give your child the gift of a healthy smile, and we can’t wait to see you both!

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