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Five Reasons To Have A Tooth Removed

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If it was up to us, no one would ever need to have a tooth removed.

As dentists, however, we also know that tooth extractions are necessary sometimes. That’s true for our patients in and around Orlando, FL, and for people across the world.

Tooth removal is one of the many services we provide at Overmeyer Family Dental. Today, we will be explaining five reasons why you might need a tooth removed now or in the future.

Again, our hope is that you will keep all your teeth for life. When that isn’t possible, we want to help with that, too.

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➤ 1. Wisdom Teeth Are Causing Problems

This may be one of the most common reasons to have teeth removed. Indeed, health experts have estimated that up to 85 percent of people should have their wisdom teeth taken out.

A big reason for this is the size of our jaws. Most of us don’t have jaws large enough for our wisdom teeth to come in correctly.

This can cause wisdom teeth to become impacted, which means they can’t erupt correctly. Impacted teeth may start to push on neighboring teeth. This can lead to pain. It can cause crowding in your smile, and it can push your other teeth out of alignment.

When your wisdom teeth are impacted, you also face a higher risk of cavities or tooth decay.

You can often avoid these problems by having your wisdom teeth removed before the bigger problems begin. With regular check-ups at our Orlando dentist office, we use X-rays to monitor your wisdom teeth as they develop. If it looks like they are going to be a problem, we can plan to take them out so you can avoid the issues mentioned above.

➤ 2. You Are Preparing For Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic treatment has been a rite of passage for teens in many families for decades. Even so, the number of adults receiving orthodontic treatment continues to grow.

For better or worse, some teeth are so far out of alignment that they can make it extremely difficult to straighten your smile. In those cases, removing the most problematic teeth is often the first step before a patient gets braces or starts another treatment like Invisalign®.

With the troublesome tooth out of the way, your treatment can be more effective, and you can create the straight smile you’ve always wanted.

➤ 3. You Have Severe Tooth Decay

Cavities start small. Depending on where they are located, you may not notice them at first. Then again, you may notice and just keep putting off treatment hoping they will go away. (Hint: they won’t).

A small cavity can be treated with a dental filling. A large cavity can be fixed with a dental crown. Root canals are needed when a tooth becomes infected. All of these will preserve the tooth in some shape or form.

But when the damage is too extensive for a root canal, your best best is to remove the tooth before the infection spreads to other parts of your mouth.

This is a case where we also are likely to recommend tooth replacement. A dental implant and a dental crown make can restore the appearance of your tooth along with its function.

➤ 4. You Have Advanced Gum Disease

Many people do not realize that gum disease — not tooth decay — is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. In the late stages of advanced gum disease, your gum tissue can separate from your teeth. This can expose your roots to plaque and tartar. It also may leave your teeth feeling loose.

In this case, removing teeth can speed up your recovery from your gum disease treatment. Once that is complete, we can discuss tooth replacement options.

➤ 5. You Have Received A Traumatic Tooth Injury

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.

You could slip and hit your tooth on a table or a doorknob. You could be out walking when a stray throw from a game of catch strikes you in the mouth. You could be playing a sport and take an accidental elbow to the jaw.

If any of those things happens, and your tooth can’t be repaired, removing it may be necessary for your overall oral health.

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Removing a tooth is often the last resort for our dentists in Orlando, FL. We will only recommend this if it’s a necessary procedure.

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