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Ending the Cycle of Fear

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Having a fear of the dentist is very common. In fact, if you were to poll people walking up and down the sidewalk, the vast majority of them would tell you that they don’t care for the dental office. There are many reasons for these fears, some of which are warranted and some are not. So how can some patients go to the dentist even though they are afraid while others can’t? The key is in the cycle of fear.

The cycle of fear is a circle that begins with fear. When you are afraid, your body becomes tense and senses things are frightening, even if they are not, as a protection method. You walk away from the experience full of even more fear than you had when you walked in, meaning that the next time you are faced with that situation, you will carry even more fear and tension. As the fear cycle progresses, it continues to become more troublesome until you can figure out how to stop the cycle.

The Secret to Ending the Fear Cycle

The secret to ending the fear cycle is to ease tension. Once you are able to ease the tension in your body before or during a fearful event, you won’t perceive the same level of fear. Instead, you can rationalize and figure out how to deal with the fear you are feeling. We produce this artificially at first through sedation. Sedation allows you to feel calm so that the next time you are faced with an appointment in our office, your body will be more relaxed. Eventually, you will be able to come in without any form of sedation because you will have broken the fear cycle and trained your mind to not be afraid.

All it takes is one bad dental appointment to cause a lifelong fear of the dental office. You don’t have to put the health of your teeth at risk. Instead, try sedation at your next appointment. Contact us today to find out if sedation is right for you. We would love to help you become comfortable with the dental office once again!

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