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Don’t Fear a Tooth-Saving Procedure

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Naturally, we fear medical procedures of all kinds. We don’t want someone poking and prodding around on our bodies and in our mouths. It’s a natural feeling of unease and discomfort. Even so, there are some procedures that we fear more than others simply because it has been dramatized so much over the years through media. A root canal is a prime example. What viewer doesn’t cringe when a root canal scene is depicted? The problem is that root canals are a tooth-saving procedure that should not be feared at all.

What Requires a Root Canal
A root canal is necessary to save an infected tooth. Your tooth is made up of a hard exterior (the enamel and dentin) and a soft interior (the pulp) that connects to the tooth root. When a tooth is damaged through injury, a cavity, or wear and tear, bacteria can sometimes get deep into the tooth and infect the pulp. This causes massive amounts of pain, swelling, and pressure. In order the save the tooth, we need to remove the infection.

How do We Perform a Root Canal
When a root canal is necessary, we try to move as quickly as we can because not only are you in pain, but your tooth is at risk of being lost. We begin by making you completely comfortable with a numbing agent and sedation (if you desire it). We then remove a small section of your tooth enamel and remove the infected pulp. We also clean the inside of your tooth to clear the infection. We then fill the opening with a special solution to prevent further infection and place a crown on top of your tooth to seal it from any further damage. In essence, a root canal is very similar to having a cavity filled, and it feels about the same as well.

There’s no reason to fear a root canal because the discomfort is the same as you would experience with a filling, and the relief from the pain of the infection is astounding. On top of that, you get to keep your natural tooth! Contact us today to set up an appointment for your next checkup. Let us know if you have any questions about this procedure. We would love to help you better understand why a root canal is so important!

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