Diet and Exercise: How Your Teeth are Affected

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We have heard time and time again that the best way to have a healthy body that looks and feels great is to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. Both of these things are absolutely true, and your smile can benefit as well!

Diet and exercise are the two pillars to general health, but sometimes making sudden changes without much knowledge of the risks can cause damage instead of health. Let’s take another look at that. It is possible to harm your body if you don’t take precautions to stay healthy while learning a new diet and exercise routine.

You see, the things you eat, drink, and do with your body impact your ENTIRE body. Your waistline will shrink, but you should also be concerned about what is happening to the rest of you, like your teeth.

Sticking to Resolutions
We are sitting here in the middle of February wondering how 2015 has gotten so far ahead of us already! Time moves quickly, and research shows that New Year’s resolutions could still be going strong! That’s fantastic!

Most of us select the diet and exercise topic for our resolutions, which means your dental health may be in question if you haven’t been taking proper care of your teeth. You might be wondering what one has to do with the other, so let’s take a look at that next!

Get Your Body Healthy Without Harming Your Teeth

You know that eating a healthier diet and working the muscles of your body will help you lose weight, feel healthier, and have a better body all around. The problem is that these practices can sometimes cause unintended damage to your teeth, especially if you didn’t know there was a risk in the first place!

Your diet is an imperative part of being healthy. However, when some people “diet,” they focus more on cutting calories and less on eating in a healthy way. They stop getting the nutrients and minerals their bodies need to stay healthy.

You teeth rely on your diet. The foods you eat contain minerals and nutrients that go directly into the tooth enamel while you are still chewing! This helps your teeth stay strong and healthy against bacteria, but if you aren’t eating a balanced diet, your teeth will suffer and will become prone to decay and infection.

Exercise is a fantastic way to get your body in shape, but it can also be harmful for your teeth. Think about this: dry mouth leads to an increased risk of decay and infection. Dry mouth is caused by dehydration, which can occur when you are exercising and not staying hydrated.

Dry mouth is a concern, but so is damage to your TMJ. Many, many athletes clench or grind their teeth while they are working out. Over time, this can cause damage to your TMJ, which we wrote about just a few days ago.

Three Tips to Keep Oral Health

So, now that we’ve talked about some of the risks to your teeth, we want to reiterate that diet and exercise are still the best ways to keep your entire body healthy, but you need to also take care of your teeth! We have a few tips below that will help you have your cake (or fresh fruit) and eat it, too!

Stay Hydrated
While you are exercising, be sure to drink plenty of fluids! You should begin drinking water from the moment you wake up, keep it by you all day, and take sips. You might even purchase a water container than is labeled with the measurements so that you can keep track of how much water you drink each day!

The hydration gives your body what it needs to produce the saliva that protects your entire smile from decay and infection!

Keep a Balanced Diet
You can change the way you eat to cut calories and lose weight while still maintaining a balanced diet! In fact, if most of us switched to a true balanced diet, the weight would start falling off on its own! It’s important that you eat plenty of highly nutritious fruits, vegetables, and proteins throughout every day.

Don’t get caught up in super-dieting short cuts. Those programs will absolutely put your teeth at risk. Instead, talk with your general physician about changing your diet to help you lose weight and be healthy!

Protect Your Teeth
Be intentional about protecting your teeth. Whether than means wearing a mouthguard while you exercise or simply setting up more regular cleanings, take the time to protect your smile. You only get one, and you need to take care of it!

We can help you figure out what your smile needs during your next appointment, so go ahead and
Contact us! Let us know what you’re up to, and we can make sure your teeth stay healthy throughout the entire process!

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