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Dentures Vs. Dental Implants: Which Is Right For You?

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If you’re missing teeth, even just one, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how to restore your smile in a safe, effective, and comfortable way. If you’re suffering from the loss of several, most, or all of your teeth you’ve probably wanted to know if dentures were a good treatment for you.

But dentures aren’t the only way to restore your smile at Overmeyer Family Dental! We also offer state-of-the-art dental implants for one tooth all the way up to a full mouthful! We want to help you decide on the right method for tooth replacement at our Orlando dentist office!

Traditional Dentures

Standard dentures at our office come in both full and partial varieties. Modern denture technology has increased drastically over the year in terms of both look and function! Our full dentures are held on via suction to your upper and lower gums, giving them a stable way to stay in place.

Partial dentures are held in place by metal clasps that wrap around your healthy remaining teeth. They are easy to wear and keep in place but still have the same problems that full dentures do: they can slip and fall out if they aren’t properly maintained and adjusted regularly to make up for changes in the bone structure of your mouth.

Lost teeth cause your jaw to change a lot, and that’s the main reason patients complain about ill-fitting dentures. Over time your bone will continue to shrink without teeth to support it and your dentures will need to be adjusted to keep pace!

We’re happy to adjust your dentures whenever you need changes made! We can do it at a regular appointment in no time at all!

Implant-Retained Dentures

We can use dental implants, small titanium screws, to give new or existing dentures an extra level of stability. Dental implants are about the size of the roots of your natural teeth and go right into your jaw where they used to be. We then top them with a series of metal balls or a bar that fits into clasps or sockets on your dentures, giving them a perfectly snug and sturdy fit!

We can modify your existing dentures to work with an implant-retained system, saving you money and time! You’ll be able to smile, talk, and live life with ease knowing that your dentures are held firmly in place by dental implants!

Dental Implant Replacements

For patients who want the most lifelike, realistic looking, and functional tooth replacements available we offer dental implants in a variety of different styles. The implant is the same as those used for implant-retained dentures but the finishing touches are completely different. Instead of a bar or balls we restore implants with beautiful and real-looking crowns and bridges that are fixed in place – just like natural teeth!

Whether you need just a single tooth replaced, want to get rid of partial dentures, or want to be rid of dentures for food we can help!

Our full mouth implant solutions involve the placement of four to six implants that attach to a full row of teeth. These are custom crafted to give you the exact look you want and once attached are completely permanent! You’ll be able to ditch those dentures, get rid of creams and pastes, put that soaking glass away and live life just like you had your natural teeth! Neither you nor anyone you spend time with will even know the teeth in your mouth aren’t the ones you were born with!

Which Solution Can We Craft For You?

We want you to be able to live life to the fullest, especially if you’re in your golden years! No one should feel self conscious about missing teeth, uncomfortable dentures, or embarrassing situations when we have solutions readily available for you at our Orlando dentist office!

To make an appointment at Overmeyer Family Dental all you need to do is call – you can reach us at (407) 871-3143! You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to getting you the exact teeth replacement solution you’ve dreamed of!

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