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Dental Care for Children and Teens

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Parents are always looking for ways to protect their children and safeguard their future. We make sure they study, eat right, get plenty of rest, and exercise everyday.

But what are we doing for their teeth?

At Overmeyer Family Dental we like to see parents involved in their children’s oral health. A healthy set of teeth, and strong oral hygiene habits, will go a long way in preparing your children and teens for a long and healthy life.

We want to make sure the parents of Orlando are well informed when comes the their children’s dental health. So here are some things to consider when dealing with the oral health of your children.

Small Children

Baby teeth will be replaced with permanent ones, so dental care isn’t that big of an issue for little kids. right?


Even though your younger kids may be getting a new set of teeth as they grow up, the ones they have now are important. Their health affects the health of your children’s body overall, and how their permanent teeth will come in.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a serious issue for small children. If your child’s tooth becomes severely decayed, it can cause an infection. An infected tooth is more than just a dental health issue. Infection that starts in a tooth can spread, not just to other teeth, but to the gums, as well. Infection can even spread to the bloodstream and, from there, travel throughout the body.

This means that something as seemingly simple as a cavity can grow into a serious health hazard if not treated promptly and properly.

The best form of treatment is prevention. In order to prevent tooth decay make sure to limit the amount of sugary treats your kids eat. Even some fruits can be harmful to your children’s teeth, especially sticky sweet dried fruits, like raisins. Fruit juice is also loaded with sugar and acid that aid in tooth decay. So make sure your kids are drinking plenty of water to help them stay hydrated and keep their teeth clean.

Healthy Habits

You can help protect your kids’ teeth by getting them started on a healthy oral hygiene routine as early as possible. It can be hard to get your little ones to brush their teeth, so it might help if you make it a game. Play some music and let them jam out while brushing away harmful bacteria. Do it with with them and you’ll double the fun while modeling healthy behaviour.


The health of your children’s baby teeth can also affect how their permanent teeth come in. If a baby tooth is lost prematurely to decay, the new tooth coming in behind it can come in crooked. So preventing decay in baby teeth might save your child from needing braces as a teenager.

A stubborn baby tooth that refuses to come out can be a problem, too, especially if the permanent has already broken through in front of or behind the baby tooth. If this happens, bring your child to our office in Orlando and we can discuss an appropriate solution.


No matter how well your kids take care of their teeth, problems are bound arise. Crooked teeth are a very common dental issue for teenagers. Unfortunately, adolescents are often insecure about their appearance because of the awkward changes they are going through. Add braces to the mix and it can be a nightmare for them. Overmeyer Family Dental can help your teenagers feel more confident about their smiles with innovative new orthodontic techniques.


Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that fit directly over the teeth, similar to retainers. The aligners are worn all day and night, but you can take them out to eat and clean. Imagine doing that with traditional metal braces!

Every couple of weeks, your teen will get a new aligner, so that their teeth will gradually move into place, all without the insecurity of shiny metal braces.

Six Months Smiles

Six Month Smiles offers a quicker solution to crooked teeth. This process uses tooth colored brackets and wires to target only the front teeth that are visible when smiling. The tooth colored wires and brackets of Six Month Smiles makes the braces nearly invisible, so they are perfect for an older teen or young adult who wants to straighten his smile without drawing too much attention to his appearance.

We’re Here to Help

At Overmeyer Family Dental we can help you give your children quality dental care. Make an appointment at our office in Orlando to schedule a professional cleaning and examination.

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