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The dental world is entering new territory that is very exciting. With advances in dental sedation, we are seeing patients in the office who have been staying away for DECADES. In the past, dentists had very few comfort options to offer their patients, but that is all changing.

When you think about your experience as a child in the dentist’s chair, you might remember it as a terrifying event. So terrifying, in fact, that you vowed to never go back. You don’t have to keep that vow, though, because there is no longer a reason to be terrified!

It is okay and perfectly normal for you to feel anxious and scared about coming into the dental office for a procedure or cleaning. We understand the fear, but we also know that avoiding the office altogether could result in a lot of trouble down the line. Sedation dentistry allows you to lose the fear and have your work done, but it has some other benefits as well!

What Does Sedation Do?

Many patients are skeptical to try sedation dentistry because they aren’t sure how it will make them feel. We can tell you in one word: relaxed. Sedation helps your mind and muscles relax so that while we are doing work, and you are aware of your surroundings, you can stay completely calm. It’s almost as though you don’t have a care in the world!

What Are My Options?

Here at Overmeyer Family Dental, we have two options for sedation. One that we use a vast majority of the time, and another option that we have available for patients under extreme circumstances. Let’s take a look at those options.

Nitrous Oxide
Most patients are familiar with nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, if they have been around the dental office. The first use of nitrous oxide was in the late 19th century, after all. In order to use nitrous oxide, the patient must wear a mask and inhale the gas.

It creates an immediate effect of calm and relaxation. For most of our patients, this is all they need to stay at peace during a dental procedure.

Prescription Pill
Some patients are beyond terrified of coming into the office. Nitrous oxide is not enough to get them in the door because their fear is so powerful. For these patients, we offer a dose of prescription sedation taken in a pill form.

Patients take the pill about an hour before their procedure so that they are relaxed when they arrive at the office. This helps patients who ordinarily couldn’t even pick up the phone to call the dentist because their fear is so profound!

Who Benefits?

As we mentioned before, sedation helps patients; not just those who are afraid but others, too! As you read through this list, you might be surprised at how many patients sedation can benefit!

The Sensitive: Avoiding the dentist isn’t just for the fearful. Some patients are very sensitive in other ways. A sensitive gag reflex can cause a simple cleaning to turn into a nightmare! Sedation helps the muscles in your throat relax so that we can clean your teeth effectively, and you can rest comfortably with no fear of an uncomfortable gagging episode!

The Busy: A full schedule will no longer keep you from getting your dental work completed. With sedation available, you can rest comfortably throughout your entire procedure and return to work the same day with no need to come back to the office for more work!

The Confused: Some patients are living with conditions that make the dental office very confusing and thus frightening. These are patients living with mental conditions like dementia, mental handicaps, severe autism, etc. Sedation can help these patients relax so that we are able to treat their teeth without causing them anxiety and fear!

Sedation Changes Expectations of the Office

The bottom line for you to know is that sedation changes patients’ expectations of the office. You might only think of fear when you consider the office, but after you experience the power of sedation relaxation, you will change your mind!

You can soon know that there is nothing to fear at the office. Sedation allows you to be comfortable no matter what!

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Have you been avoiding the dentist out of fear? You no longer have to do that! Allow sedation dentistry to change your expectations of our dental office!

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