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It’s August, and if your kids haven’t gone back to school yet, then you’ve probably been doing all your back-to-school shopping to make sure they’re prepared when their first day of class rolls around. You’ve got their backpack, their school supplies, their new clothes, and an assortment of other items on your child’s list. You may even have a date on your calendar for an open house or a parent-teacher meeting. But what about your kid’s dental appointment? Is that on your calendar? If not, see us at Overmeyer Family Dental! Our Orlando family dentists have got your kids covered for all their dental needs.

Let’s take a few minutes today to remind you – or introduce you – to some of the ways we can keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy as they go back to school and make new friends.

Dental Cleanings and Exams

A lot of parents are surprised to find out that tooth decay, or cavities, is the number one childhood chronic disease, according to the CDC. It may not seem like a big deal now, especially if your kids don’t have their adult teeth yet. But cavities can cause bacterial infections as well as cost you money and time for fillings. If your child’s cavities are visible, they can even affect their self-esteem at school.

Tooth Decay Prevention
Our professional dental exams and cleanings can help prevent cavities. Our hygienist and Dr. Overmeyer will thoroughly check your child’s mouth – teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue – to make sure there aren’t any problems. We’ll also take quick digital X-rays to look deeper than the surface. Our cleanings will help get rid of plaque and bacteria buildup that can cause cavities. We can also provide sealants: thin, clear plastic coatings that protect your child’s molars from getting decayed. Our fluoride treatments are another preventive measure to keep your child’s mouth free from harmful cavities.

Treating Cavities
If we do detect cavities, we’ll discuss this with you before proceeding with any treatment. We offer tooth-colored fillings that match the color of your child’s teeth, so that their classmates don’t have to notice any embarrassing metal fillings.

We can also recommend other ways to keep your kids’ teeth looking great and healthy at home. This includes fluoride rinse, nutritional recommendations (important for school lunches, too!), and drinking plenty of tap water, which contains fluoride to prevent tooth decay. (Read our recent blog about it here.). We can help teach your child about good oral hygiene practices, so that they’ll be prepared to take care of their teeth now and later, as their permanent ones come in.

Because we have both a male and female dentist here, kids can choose whether they’d like an appointment with Dr. Tom or Dr. Jessica.


If your teenager or even college student needs help with their crooked teeth, overbite, or underbite, we have solutions for them, too! We offer Invisalign, perfect for busy college students or self-conscious teenagers who don’t want people to see metal braces on their teeth (not so cool for high school events!). If you’re going back to school to further your own education, this is a perfect way to straighten your teeth without wire braces, which are typically associated with teenagers. No one will have to notice your smile! Plus, a beautiful, straight smile can boost your confidence and even help prepare you for a new job or the next step in your life!

Six Month Smiles are great for older teens and adults whose front teeth or canines need to be straightened. Find out more information about that treatment here.

Same-Day Dental Emergencies in Orlando

Back to school also means playgrounds and sports, not just academics. Physical activities, although fun, come with some risk of injury. If your child breaks or cracks a tooth, gets a knocked-out tooth, or has any other dental emergency, call us right away! We won’t put you on a waiting list – instead, we’ll ask you, “How soon can you get your child here?” We’re here to help get your child out of pain and restore their youthful smile as soon as possible.

Make Your Child’s Back-to-School Appointment Today

Has your child been to the dentist in the last 6 months, or is he or she ready for an appointment? Contact us today to set up their back-to-school dental appointment to start the school year on a brighter, whiter note!

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