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Avoid Amalgam: Choose Composites For All the Best Reasons

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At some point, we are all going to end up with cavities that need to be filled. There is really no way around it. Excellent oral health care will prevent cavities, but sometimes they still find a way to show up! Many of us have experienced amalgam fillings, the dark silver fillings that have been used for decades, but there is a new player in this game, and it is knocking the ball out of the park! A composite resin filling is much better for your smile, and here’s why…

It Looks Better – There’s no denying that that ugly amalgam filling stands out against the white of your teeth. It draws attention to itself. Composite fillings don’t do that because we use bonding material that is perfectly matched to the shade of your teeth. No one will ever know it’s there. You might even forget where you had the filling placed!

It’s Free of Mercury – A big problem with amalgam fillings is the mercury content. While most still believe amalgam fillings are safe, there is concern that the mercury could cause damage to your body. Composite fillings are free of mercury and other harmful materials.

It Will Bond to Your Tooth – Amalgam has a way of weakening the tooth over time, especially if the cavity is large. Composite resin is a bonding material that bonds to the inside of your tooth, holding it together better than amalgam can. The idea is that the resin will actually keep your tooth strong over time.

Composite fillings are taking the dental world by storm for their obvious advantages. The next time you need a cavity filled, be sure to ask us about composite resin. It will definitely change your dental experience! Contact us today to set up your next appointment. We would love to see you soon!

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