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Some opinions run deep! Rumors, also, tend to stick. In both cases, the dental office has gotten a pretty bad rap! You don’t have to look very far to find people who are really unhappy about having to go to the dentist. It’s rare to find someone who actually enjoys it!

The problem with these rumors and reputations is that they just aren’t accurate! We wouldn’t have argued with your fear a few decades ago, because dentistry used to be very frightening! Things have changed a lot over the past decade or so. Now, going to the dentist is a piece of cake, especially in our Orlando office!

We have many advances in the technology and comfort options here in the office, which will make your appointment much more enjoyable. Our hope is that you would see and feel the difference, which will help you to change your opinion of the dentist’s office, which will allow you to get more frequent care and a much healthier smile!

We understand that fear isn’t always so easy to cast aside, which is why we would like to talk about that fear today. Let’s take a look at how you can overcome your fear of the dental office!

Identify Your Fear

The first step to getting rid of your fear is identifying where that fear stems. For many patients, fear comes from the way dental offices are portrayed in movies and television shows. They have seen so many negative portrayals that they don’t know of any other way to think about the dental office.

There is another group of patients that we hear from as well. These are the patients who have a more legitimate reason for fear. These patients have actually experienced a painful or fearful event while in the patient chair, and they sometimes really struggle to move past that experience to get their oral health back on track.

Decide to Overcome Your Fear

The first step for any fearful patient is to make the decision that you WANT to overcome your fear. Before you can overcome fear, you have to decide that something else is more important than hanging onto that fear you have. In this case, it is the health of your smile. Your healthy smile is more important than hanging on to an old fear of the dentist.

We Can Help!

We aren’t just going to ask you to give up your fear without offering any help for you! We know this is a tricky process, and it can take some time! We have some other tools that will help as well. Sedation dentistry can make the entire process of coming into the dental office much easier. In fact, it can change your entire experience so much that you’ll actually enjoy your future visits!

Nitrous Oxide

The most common dental sedation is nitrous oxide. You may be more familiar with the name “laughing gas.” Offices all over the country are using nitrous oxide as a way to help patients stay calm through procedures. Here’s why:

Comfortable Administration – Nitrous oxide gas is really easy to administer to the patient. You simply wear a mask over your mouth and nose and breath normally! Within seconds, you’ll begin to feel much more relaxed. You’ll still know what is going on around you, but your mind and body will be at ease.

Wears Off Quickly – As soon as we remove that mask at the end of your procedure, you will begin to feel normal again. This is unlike other forms of sedation that you might see advertised around town. You won’t need anyone to bring you to and from your appointment, and you’ll be able to return to work as soon as your appointment is complete.

Use for All Ages – Another great benefit of nitrous oxide sedation is that it can be used for all ages. If your child is feeling anxious about that first filling or other procedure, we can use the nitrous oxide to help him overcome his fear and have a great experience!

For Extremely Fearful Patients

In some cases, nitrous oxide is just not strong enough. This is especially true for very fearful patients. We have also had experiences where the patient wasn’t able to feel relaxed under nitrous oxide sedation (it doesn’t work for everyone). In these rare instances, we are able to offer a prescription sedative that is taken in pill form, but it is not for any age, and it will require that you have someone with you at your appointment!

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Are you ready to have a comfortable dental appointment that will change your mind about all of your future care? You are ready to learn more about sedation dentistry! Contact us today to find out of sedation is an option for you. We can’t wait to discuss your options sometime very soon!

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