5 Reasons To Replace An Old Metal Filling

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Over 90 percent of adults will get cavities at some point in their lives – that’s a lot of people and there’s a good chance you’re one of them! If you have had a cavity that’s been treated at the dentist you probably have an old metal amalgam one. Made from a mix of metals including mercury, copper, and tin, amalgam is effective but is hardly the most advanced product available!

At Overmeyer Family Dental we don’t use metal amalgam anymore. We’ve transitioned to using state-of-the-art dental composite, a mixture of plastic and glass that is colored to match your natural teeth. You won’t even know you have it!

You may be asking yourself if you should replace that old filling and the answer we generally give is yes, especially if it’s over ten years old. While it isn’t always necessary to replace an amalgam filling it can be very beneficial to your oral health!

#1: Remove Harmful Chemicals

There’s a lot of differing opinion on the safety of mercury in dental fillings. We can tell you that it’s safe but that might not ease your mind! Getting amalgam fillings taken out due to chemical danger concerns is a perfectly normal practice that we’re happy to take care of.

We use rubber dams to separate your mouth from the filling that’s being removed. You won’t have any chance of getting mercury dust or other metals in your mouth! In many cases we can simply replace the cavity with a composite one but if there’s been other damage to the tooth a crown may be necessary.

#2: Amalgam Cement Wears Out

Dental amalgam can’t really stick to your teeth very well so amalgam fillings have to be cemented in place. That cement wears out over time and starts to wash away, leaving perfect pathways for oral bacteria to start causing tooth decay. the worst part is how hard it is to detect decay inside of a filled tooth – in many cases by the time we detect it you’re already dealing with serious damage!

Compare this to dental composite, which bonds directly to your teeth, and you have a major difference! Composite fillings don’t requires cement like amalgam does, so there’s no gap to worry about over time!

#3: Amalgam Doesn’t Flex Like Natural Teeth

You might not realize it but when you eat your teeth ever so slightly flex under the pressure of your chewing. It probably isn’t surprising that a big chunk of metal in your teeth can’t bend the same way but what is surprising is the damage that can cause!

Amalgam fillings can cause microfractures because they don’t move with your teeth. This can cause sensitivity, pain, and decay. By comparison, composite fillings are formulated to bend just like natural teeth. You won’t have to worry about microfractures or damage due to eating or chewing ever again!

#4 Amalgam Conducts Heat And Cold

Ever been eating a bowl of ice cream and winced in pain when it hit a filling? That’s because metal is so good at conducting cold and heat! Whether it’s ice cream, cold water, or hot soup you could be in for a surprise due to an amalgam filling!

Dental composite doesn’t conduct heat or cold in the same way that amalgam does. In fact it doesn’t conduct temperature at all! You’ll never have to worry about which side of your mouth to enjoy food on again with a composite filling!

#5: Amalgam Is Just Ugly!

That plain, grey chunk right in the middle of your teeth is not attractive. And though they might be further back in your mouth they are still noticeable in certain situations! Dental composite’s mix of glass and plastic is precisely color matched to your teeth, making your fillings undetectable. A lot of our patients even forget which tooth is filled!

Getting Close To Ten Years?

You may not even remember when you got that old filling. But that doesn’t matter – what matters is that you get it replaced with the far superior dental composite! We’re ready to help you remove those old fillings and replace them with beautiful, safe, and long-lasting composite!

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