4 Reasons (And Ways!) To Fix Your Smile [BLOG]

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Don’t settle for a smile that makes you unhappy or unhealthy!

Fix it with restorative and cosmetic dental treatment in Orlando, FL!

Here are four common reasons to fix your smile and ways we can do that at Overmeyer Family Dental!

*1 – You’ve Lost One Or More Teeth*

This dental problem comes first because it’s an issue that cannot be ignored for very long.

At least, not without great consequences to not only your smile and your confidence, but especially to your oral health.

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you’re obviously not going to feel proud to show off your smile. On top of that, the empty space left behind is a prime target for bad bacteria to deteriorate your jawbone and gums and compromise the structures holding all your other teeth in place.

Fix your missing teeth dilemma with dental implants!

These give you maximum stability because they’re a synthetic root replacement that holds your new tooth in place and lets you enjoy nearly the same bite function you do with your natural teeth!

*2 – You Have Damaged Teeth*

Whether you were in an accident that damaged a tooth, or your teeth have just finally started to literally break under the pressure of longtime use, no one should have to accept what it can do to your smile and confidence.

Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth may start out small, but without repair, they can all get worse over time, and even allow harmful bacteria to get inside your teeth and put your oral health at risk.

The solution is often found under the restorative dentistry umbrella!

Dental crowns in our Orlando, FL office are strong, durable, and beautifully-lifelike so you won’t see the evidence of past dental damage! These are incredibly versatile restorations that can be used after root canals and other treatments to fix various dental problems like:

*Missing teeth

*Decayed or diseased teeth

*Infected teeth

*Weak, fragile teeth

*Stained, discolored teeth

If you have any sort of damage to your teeth, one of your options may be one of our beautiful dental crowns!

*3 – Your Teeth Are Crooked Or Crowded*

You may have had braces when you were younger and only recently noticed your teeth have moved, or you may have spent your whole life with this particular smile flaw.

Regardless, crooked or crowded teeth not only make good oral health harder to achieve, but it can have a big impact on your self-esteem!

Luckily, you don’t have to accept it. You can get fast, effective orthodontic treatment in Orlando, FL!

At Overmeyer Family Dental, you can choose Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, or Fastbraces, all of which can move your teeth into the proper position for a straight, stunning smile in less time than traditional braces. The results are the same, but the process with any of these orthodontic options is more comfortable, and more discreet, than a mouthful of metal brackets and wires!

*4 – You Have Embarrassing Teeth Stains*

Teeth stains are one of the most common cosmetic problems patients complain about in dental practices across the country.

That’s because we know how much more attractive a healthy-looking set of pearly white teeth are than dark, discolored teeth.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest smile problems to fix!

The take-home teeth whitening treatment in our Orlando, FL dental office is safer and more powerful than anything you’ll find in the local drugstore. Our customized mouth trays fit only you so that no harmful chemicals will seep out and irritate your gums. The professional-strength whitening solution is prefilled in your mouth trays for easy application and maximum effect!

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If you’re tired of suffering the embarrassment of missing, damaged, crooked, or stained teeth, let us help you find the dental treatment you need to fix your smile!

You’ll find a variety of restorative and cosmetic options in our Orlando, FL dentist office so you can look great and feel confident about your healthier, brighter smile.

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