10 Dental Myths to Avoid At All Costs — Part 2

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Earlier this week, I published a blog that included five dental myths you need to avoid if you want to keep your mouth and smile healthy. Hopefully you learn a few things from that post and are beginning to see the importance of your oral care. As a dentist, I try my best to educate my patients about threats against their oral health. Well, bad information is a threat against your oral health.

A few days, I debunked some myths relating to gum disease, cavities, and root canals. If you haven’t had time to read my blog, you can find it on our blog page! Today, I have another five dental myths that you’re smart to avoid.

1. Teeth whitening can damage for your teeth. MYTH. We dentists have been using teeth-whitening procedures for decades, and the treatment is more popular than ever. There is no evidence that teeth whitening causes tooth damage, but I urge you to consult my office or a professional dentist before whitening your teeth. Lots of patients use over-the-counter whitening treatments and do not achieve great results. As a dentist, I can oversee your whitening treatments to ensure that you achieve great results. We also don’t want to place bleaching agents on teeth with cavities or if you have gum disease.

2. Orthodontics are just for children. MYTH. Early orthodontic prevention is ideal, but not all patients have that option. Orthodontists like the intervene while the teeth and jaw are still forming. That way they can manipulate the jaw, palate, and teeth to develop in a healthier way. This is a great way to achieve straight, beautiful teeth, but the hard truth is that not all patients have access to orthodontic treatment as a child. The good news is that we now have orthodontic treatments for adults, too. At Overmeyer Family Dental, we use a system known as Six Months Smiles. This treatment ideal for patients with mildly crooked teeth in the front of their mouth.

3. Dentures are the best way to replace missing teeth. MYTH. Dentures are probably the cheapest way to replace missing teeth, but they are far from the best. Dental implants, which are made from titanium, merge with the jawbone and secure crowns, bridges, or dentures in place. Dentures sit on top of the gums, while dental implant restorations are fixed to the implant. This inhibits the restoration from sliding around while you eat, speak, or laugh. Dental implants provide about 90 percent of the chewing power of your natural teeth, while removable dentures have only about 35 percent of the power of natural teeth. Consider the difference if you need to make a decision about replacement tooth options.

4. Headaches are always related to stress. MYTH. Headaches or jaw pains can be related to stress, but it’s common that chronic headaches can be related to something called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If the TMJ is not working in tandem with your bite, patients often grind or clench their teeth at night. You can experience jawbone pain or chronic headaches. We can fashion a special mouthguard for you to wear at night that prevents you from grinding or clenching your teeth.

5. Gum disease treatment requires cutting and stitching gums. MYTH. Years ago, one of the best ways to treat gum disease was by cutting and stitching the gums. As you might imagine, this process was incredibly invasive and had a lengthy recovery period. Today, we can use soft-tissue lasers to evaporate the infection in the gums. These lasers do not require any scalpels or sutures, as your teeth and gums naturally re-attach. The recovery from soft-tissue laser surgery is much faster than traditional gum surgery, and you’re less likely to develop an infection.

I hope you have been able to learn a few things about your oral health for these 10 dental tips. It can be difficult to filter through bad information online, so you are always welcome to call our office or meet with us to discuss your oral health. You can call us today at (407) 871-3143 to schedule a visit.

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