4 Reasons (And Ways!) To Fix Your Smile [BLOG]

Don’t settle for a smile that makes you unhappy or unhealthy! Fix it with restorative and cosmetic dental treatment in Orlando, FL! Here are four common reasons to fix your smile and ways we can do that at Overmeyer Family Dental! *1 - You’ve Lost One Or More Teeth* This dental problem comes first because it’s an issue that cannot be ignored for very long. At least, not without ...

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Troy Overcame His Dental Anxiety With Our Help! [VIDEO]

When he first came to Overmeyer Family Dental, Troy was really nervous about visiting the dentist. But in today’s video, you’ll hear Troy talk about how we not only helped him overcome dental anxiety, but how he now has to courage to pursue cosmetic dentistry for the smile he wants! Get a healthy, beautiful smile just like Troy with help from our caring team in Orlando, FL! Call ...

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Are You Suffering From Sleep Apnea? [QUIZ]

Sleep apnea is not only problematic for the way it threatens your nightly rest. It’s also dangerous to your overall health if gone ignored or untreated. That’s why our team at Overmeyer Family Dental wants to make sure you’re aware of the many symptoms that come with this sleep disorder. Answer a few of our questions in today’s quiz to see if you might unknowingly be suffering ...

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Go Back To School With A Dental Cleaning & Exam! [VIDEO]

As the kids head back to school, make sure they have clean, strong teeth and gums! We’ll help you with deep cleanings and thorough exams at Overmeyer Family Dental in Orlando, FL! Here’s a video message from Dr. Overmeyer about what a dental checkup in our practice looks like and how it can help your family’s smiles stay healthy. Call Overmeyer Family Dental at 407-603-3839. You ...

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3 Reasons to Treat Your Sleep Apnea

Heavy snoring, waking up gasping for air. These are common signs of sleep apnea, a common condition that our Orlando FL dental office can treat! Overmeyer Family Dental has helped countless patients overcome their dental issues and even improve their sleep quality. We start by asking patients about the quality of their sleep and can even set up a sleep test if you have concerns about your ...

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Short-term Orthodontics: A New Smile By Christmas

A new smile in a few months? It’s possible whenever you visit Overmeyer Family Dental, a premier Orlando FL family dental office that treats patients of all ages. If you have mildly corrected teeth at the front of your mouth, you probably don’t need to spend years wearing braces. At Overmeyer Family Dental, we can correct your corrected teeth within a matter of months. Whenever you think ...

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Science Is In: Fluoride Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

There is a small treatment that can help you prevent tooth decay and even restore some enamel: fluoride. Our Orlando FL dental office, Overmeyer Family Dental, has been using fluoride every day in our office for decades. We’ve always had the science to back up the use of fluoride, but sometimes we need to remind patients. And now a recent study from the International & American ...

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We Improved This Patient’s Smile 100% [VIDEO]

Nargges can hardly contain her smile, as you’ll see in today’s patient testimonial! In this video, you’ll hear her sing the praises of our Orlando, FL dental practice and how Dr. Overmeyer improved her smile, according to Nargges, “100%”! If you’re ready to exude happiness with a beautiful new smile, just like Nargges, then come to Overmeyer Family Dental to explore your options ...

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Can Sedation Dentistry Help Ease My Dental Fear? [QUIZ]

                When nerves make your trips to the dentist unpleasant, it may not be enough to negatively affect your oral health because you still manage to get the routine care you need to keep your mouth healthy. But if yours is an anxiety that makes it nearly impossible to get dental treatment, that’s when fear begins to ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Gums [VIDEO]

You’ve heard dentists talk about the importance of daily flossing, but do you really understand why? In today’s video blog, Dr. Overmeyer of Overmeyer Family Dental puts it in very simple terms. Here, he explains the important reason you shouldn’t neglect your gums. You can avoid the consequences he talks about with routine checkups and gum disease treatment in our Orlando, FL dental ...

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