You Can Count On Our Dental Team [video]

Paul is one of our long-time patients. He also appreciates that we have had the same team for a while at our dentist office in Orlando, FL. He also appreciates that we have been able to help him preserve his smile in spite of some oral health issues he’s dealt with over the years. When Paul recommends Overmeyer Family Dental, he does so for three reasons. We do what needs to be done. We are ...

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5 Dental Mistakes That You’re Making

Are you practicing good oral care between your regular dental visits? Our Orlando FL  dental office is here to treat your problems, but of course, we want you to stay free of dental problems altogether. Or to not fall for dental myths or misconceptions. Overmeyer Family Dental has a professional and talented staff that will help prevent issues or get the smile you have always wanted. You can ...

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Eliminate Your Sleep Problems For Good

Our Orlando FL dental office has served the community for decades, helping people from all walks of life. Over the years, dentistry has evolved at a breakneck pace and so have our skills. You see, dentistry is about so much more than cleaning teeth and placing fillings. We look at all facets of your dental care. We look at everything in the mouth. We look at the teeth and gums, the function, ...

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Our Goal Is To Help You Achieve Your Dental Goals [video]

You may want whiter teeth. Our next patient may want a straighter smile, and the patient after her may want to replace some missing teeth. We can help with all these needs at Overmeyer Family Dental. We offer a wide range of services at our Orlando, FL, dentist office. We can help with cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dentistry. As Dr. Thomas Overmeyer explains below, our goal is to ...

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They ‘Improved My Smile … 100 percent’ [video]

Nargges is so happy with her new and improved smile. According to her, we improved her smile “100 percent.” Our staff at Overmeyer Family Dental feels good when we can see the impact of our restorative and cosmetic dentistry and our focus on our patient comfort. If you would like to understand why Nargges recommends us to her family and friends, call our dentist office in Orlando, FL, ...

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Traditional Dentures Vs. Dentures With Implants [quiz]

Dentures are not one of the advantages of getting older. They can come loose when you are speaking. They can make it difficult if not impossible to eat certain foods. They can just become frustrating. If you visit our dentist office in Orlando, FL, we may have a better option for you. Dental implants can be used to secure and strengthen your dentures. When you are able to eat whatever you ...

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Four Ways Veneers Could Solve Your Smile Problems

Few, if any, people are born with perfect teeth. For most of us, a “Hollywood smile” is possible, but we will need a little help to get there. You don’t have to be a movie star to have an amazing smile. In fact, we can help you create the smile of your dreams at our dentist office in Orlando, FL. Dental veneers are one of the best tools available in our cosmetic dentistry toolbox. ...

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A Dentist Who Can Resolve Migraines, Headaches [VIDEO]

Are you a long-term sufferer of headaches and jaw pains? Your stressful life may be contributing to the problem, but our Orlando dental office might have the treatment you need to get out of pain and discomfort. Constant headaches and jaw pains are often linked to an issue with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint is at work each time you open and close your mouth, which is ...

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Take Control Of Your TMJ Troubles Today!

You wake up with a headache for the third time this week. You take some aspirin or ibuprofen before hoping in the shower. You decide that you will hit a drive-through on the way to work. You order a biscuit and sausage and your morning coffee. You take a bite, but trying to chew it leaves your jaw feeling sore. You give up on the biscuit. At least you've got your coffee to get you through ...

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Mini Implants: Full Strength In A Smaller Package [video]

Dental implants have changed what is possible in restorative dentistry and teeth replacements. And as Dr. Jessica Overmeyer explains below, mini implants may be making dental implants more effective for more people. Mini implants can provide the same benefits as standard implants for patients who need dentures or other teeth replacements. If you live in or near Orlando, FL, you can contact ...

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